WordCamp Columbus Is On!

December 25th, 2008

Thankfully, WordCamp Columbus is being held in Ohio rather than any of the other states that have a city named Columbus. In all honesty, I didn’t know this event was going to be in Ohio until I checked out their advertising graphics. If you are going to host a WordCamp event, please be sure to include city and state on the About page so that people know exactly where the event will take place. Or you’ll end up clueless like me.

I'll be @WordCampColumbus, May 16, 2009

With that said, I’m happy to see that a date has been nailed down for WordCamp Columbus, that being May 16th, 2009. I hope the event lasts during the entire weekend and not just on a Friday. The event looks to be taking place at Columbus State Community College. Unfortunately, due to WordCamp Mid-Atlantic occurring during the same weekend, Matt will only be doing a keynote session at the Mid Atlantic event. However, organizers for WordCamp Columbus are working with Aaron Brazell, one of the people behind WordCamp Mid Atlantic to video stream his session to WordCamp Columbus.

As it stands, their are two employees from Automattic who are tentatively scheduled to appear. Noel Jackson who is the author of the Monotone theme will be discussing color manipulation and art direction in themes with PHP. Nick Momrik on the other hand will be outlining 10 things you didn’t know you could do on

Registration for WordCamp Columbus is not yet open but within the next week or so, we could see a registration page open up. The organizers would like for as many people as possible to register early to encourage sponsors to latch onto the event. As the event gets closer, the organizers may implement an entrance fee of $20.00 which isn’t bad at all.

I’m pretty stoked that a WordCamp event is happening in my own backyard. I know I’ll be attending the event, what about you? Be sure to bookmark the WordCamp Columbus website for further updates.




  1. Kim (2 comments.) says:

    I’ve already got this marked on my calendar, and plan on attending. I’m just as excited as you are about having a WordCamp in Ohio. :)

  2. JellyBeen (5 comments.) says:

    Although Columbus is not too, too far away it would be nice to see one a bit closer to home (Canada). Does anyone maintain a calendar of upcoming WordCamps?

  3. Tapeleg (8 comments.) says:

    Ten things you didn’t know… sounds like a post, not a presentation. But I’d still pay $20 to attend.


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