South By Deep South

April 22nd, 2008

Those of you who have been wanting a Technology conference to visit the South Eastern United States are now in luck. The event is called South By Deep South and is a take on the familiar South by South West conference. The event will be held in Birmingham, Alabama on September 26th-28th. The final details of the event are still being worked out but Ike Pigott has already let us know some of what we can expect from this event:

  • Social Media/PR/Marketing
  • Web development
  • A full-blown WordCamp

In case you missed it, that last one says WordCamp. Personally, I thought Atlanta, Georgia would of been the first city in the South Eastern United States to get a WordCamp event, but it looks like I was wrong. Ike also notes that there will be a SideWalk Festival that will be taking place during the same weekend.

I’m really glad to see these WordCamp events making there way east rather than being confined to silicon valley. As a matter of fact, WordCamps are starting to crop up everywhere, and that is a good thing!

So, who is looking forward to this event and will you be lucky enough to attend?




  1. Sam (4 comments.) says:

    hopefully we get one in Miami soon! tks

  2. Carson (46 comments.) says:

    I’ll try to attend. B’ham is only about a 4 hour drive north. It’s been a while since I attended a tech conference. I hope gasoline is not $8 per gallon then.

  3. Liz (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah! B’ham only a couple of hours up the road — I hope I can make this one.

  4. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    Sweet! Hope I’m in the States at that time; it’s only a four hour drive for me, too.

  5. SuperDave (1 comments.) says:

    B’ham is my hometown. I’m about to open my first WP video blog, so I’m excited about the Conference being here. B’ham is a very cool town, by the way. I’ll have video posts over the next few months about B’ham as it gets close. I’ll check with Jeff about the best way to do this. Cheers :-)

  6. Jay (Twitter @qthrul) (3 comments.) says:

    My day job has offices in Birmingham, Alabama. SCORE!

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