WordCamp NYC Is Going To Be Big

October 13th, 2009

On Monday, I received an email from the folks putting together WordCamp New York City. This event is shaping up to be the next best thing when compared to WordCamp San Francisco. Due to the large demand for this event and the international, national, local people that will be showing up, WordCamp NYC needed to obtain a bigger venue. Thankfully, they pulled through and the event will be taking place at Baruch College of the City University of New York.

Blogs@Baruch, a program overseen by the College’s Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute is the largest WordPress project at CUNY. It is built on WordPress MU and enables members of the Baruch academic community to create individual, group or course blogs in just a few clicks. Baruch College is an advocate of WordPress and other open-source technology, making it a perfect fit for WordCampNYC.

The end of the email confirms that at some point this week, registration will open up for the sale of tickets. I’ll be there, will you? The event is on November 14th and 15th. Keep up to date with the latest information on the official WordCamp New York blog.




  1. gestroud says:

    Definitely looking forward to attending this one since I live in the area. One thing I noticed (or didn’t notice) on the WordCamp New York blog was an address for the venue. Since the college has at least three campuses/extensions, it would be nice to know which one it will be held at. ;-)

    151 East 25th Street
    17 Lexington Ave
    135 E 22nd St

  2. Steve Bruner (1 comments.) says:

    We’re still finalizing the schedule. Will definitely let you know the address before Nov 14. ;)


  3. Jeff Chandler (171 comments.) says:

    WordCamp NY Registration has opened up –

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