FeedBurner: No more all time feed stats

February 19th, 2008
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FeedBurner Quietly Kills All-Time RSS Feed Stats: I know I have looked at my all time feed stats in the past but since it would take forever to generate and timed out the last time I tried it, I am not sure this is a big loss for me. However, worthy of note is the fact that FeedBurner has languished quite a bit since being purchased by Google and they seem to have rested their laurels after making the Pro features free for everyone. In all honesty, I am quite satisfied with their (now free) service, their uptime record (knock on wood) and their feature set, so I am not as peeved about their lack of updates or lack of new features.

[EDIT] FeedBurner claims the lack of all time feed stats were unintentional and things are or should be back to normal soon. Now we might never know what really happened and whether these apologies are a cause of a knee jerk reaction to all the negative publicity or a real bug. Thanks to the heads up in the comments.




  1. Clint (1 comments.) says:

    Note: I just exported my feed data, and that still includes the full history.

  2. Jonathan (83 comments.) says:

    Ha, nice Mark. Yeah, seriously, knock on wood for that one. Watch Feedburner’s network go down tomorrow ;)

    The “all time” function wasn’t really useful unless you’re looking at years worth of data, so it’s just whatever to me.

    And I also agree with you about their pro features, very nice to have those for free.

  3. Aseem Kishore (1 comments.) says:

    I just wish they would hurry up and add Google Adsense for feeds! It’s money on the table for them that they are not taking advantage of. Also what happened to the FAN network and how can one join it now? I thought it was supposed to come up after you reached 500 or 1000, but I’m at 1800 and still no way to monetize my feed! Now that’s not good!

  4. David (5 comments.) says:

    Check out the last few lines –

  5. Sam (4 comments.) says:

    De acuerdo, Feedburner es buenísimo, y gratis!

  6. Lee (2 comments.) says:

    Assuming TechCrunch can be trusted it will be back. Just an opps that happened on an update.

  7. David Peyton (3 comments.) says:

    According to Matt from Feedburner, the release of new features etc is “going to be a while — we’re still working on code integration with Google infrastructure, so most new feature enhancements, while still detailed and categorized, are on hold. Sorry we don’t have something more immediate to offer!”

  8. Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

    David Peyton: It looks like things will come back to normal again but they could have handled the forums complaints and the posts around the blogosphere a lot better than they did. Now it looks like a knee jerk reaction to the various complaints rather than a real error or bug and we will probably never know which.

  9. Kirk M (67 comments.) says:

    Heh, this is hardly the first time that part or all of FeedBurner’s services have gone down with “after the fact” explanations even before Google bought them but the service has had a decent track record overall or at least a consistent one. ;)

  10. Mosey says:

    Between you and me (:p) and with no offence to fans of the service, I do think FeedBurner is over-rated. I personally have no interest in having a third-party having access to the people subscribing to feeds/email subscriptions on my site.

  11. Greg McAbee (1 comments.) says:

    The all time stats are back. I use both WordPress and Feedburner and each have their advantages/disadvantages. Ever get your Feedburner site hacked?

  12. Stefan (1 comments.) says:

    Feedburner is useful to personalise your RSS feed title, but that’s about it.

  13. Sarah (2 comments.) says:

    Interesting to read all these comments about FeedBurner long after the fact – I have found it to be a pretty reliable service except once a few months ago when I noticed that FeedBurner was not updating my RSS feed. As it turned out it was caused by one of my WP plugins (W3 Total Cache) and I managed to fix it quickly.


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