Google Finally Updates FeedBurner

October 26th, 2010
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After over three years since its acquisition, Google has finally launched a major upgrade to FeedBurner with an emphasis on real-time stats.

The new interface provides real time stats for clicks, views, and podcast downloads, which means you can start seeing what content is drawing traffic from feed readers, Twitter, and other syndicated sources as it happens.

The interface can be accessed by clicking the “Try out the NEW (beta) version!” link at the top of your FeedBurner account page.  According to the launch article, “The best way to see these real time features is to publish a new post and then switch to the ‘Last two hours’ view to begin seeing updates.”

At this time, the new interface is primarily for the showcasing the new real-time stats.  All other account actions will still need to be done from the old interface.

What’s your take on the new FeedBurner upgrade? Is this just what FeedBurner needs to bring life back into the service, a step in the wrong direction, or too little too late?




  1. Emilio Galli (1 comments.) says:

    It’s about time for an upgrade. I was first amazed when gave me real-time stats on my shortened urls without me even asking, but now I’ve come to expect it out of a lot of the apps that I use. I don’t think I’ll be going back to Feedburner though. I’ve always found it a bit clunky for both personal use and promotion.

  2. James Joyner (5 comments.) says:

    Well, considering that the incredibly botched Google takeover resulted in locking me out of being able to log in to my account, this won’t effect me very much.

  3. mark says:

    Thank God

  4. Kyle Clouse (2 comments.) says:

    I guess the acquisition was high while the maintenance was low. It’s to bad they drag their feet on these things.

  5. Dave (1 comments.) says:

    Nice post. I like the Sage plugin in Firefox, works great, but then I don’t need realtime stats, etc.

  6. R. Richard Hobbs (4 comments.) says:

    They still didnt fix the link when you click on the RSS icon for a feed in your account that (still) goes to…. that needs to go to to see the feed items

  7. fleet!ng (1 comments.) says:

    I personally feel that this upgrade is one which is long overdue. I am however excited with the new features, and how it comes into play with my sites, and future upgrades!

  8. ishmael says:

    The interface is not much to look at. Hopefully they’ll make it look more like the old Feedburner in terms of colors and layout. And I hope they keep the sense of humor intact.

  9. Angie (20 comments.) says:

    Good reason to eventually get me to unsubscribe from all RSS feeds that use Feedburner. I would not subscribe to any new ones that force it upon me, but now I’m definitely removing all the ones I’m still subscribed to.

  10. Harry, (5 comments.) says:

    The biggest problem is still user unfriendliness.
    If you have an invalid feed whatever simple reason, it is impossible to get any useful help from Google.

  11. Christian - Författartipsbloggen (1 comments.) says:

    Good news, and good functionality – at least compared to the current version :-)
    But what a boring interface – I miss the personal touch!
    I like it when sites tries to treat me like a human and not a robot… as I´m actually not a robot – yet.

  12. Audrey (1 comments.) says:

    The new interface looks good to me and it’s real time. I’ve been waiting for this upgrade as I somehow stopped installing it in my latest blogs. We’ll see how this will stay that way.


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