Feedburner Feed Replacement Plugin Broken!

August 11th, 2009
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UPDATE: As from the comments below and various emails I have received, this might be an isolated issue related to my combination of code and plugins. Many people continue to use Feedburner Feed Replacement without any issues.

If you have been using the Feedburner Feed Replacement Plugin originally from Steve Smith, and have not checked your feeds lately, it might be worth a few minutes of your time to do so. Just browse to your blog’s feed address  ( and if you are redirected to your Feedburner feed, you are fine. Otherwise you need to uninstall the Feedburner plugin and get something else.

About a month ago, this blog’s feed count lost about 5000 readers in one feel swoop which is a huge number and a rude wake up call for us. This has happened before with Feedburner and I thought the count would go back up once Feedburner straightened out their data. But alas, that was not to be. I was relegated to thinking that either our posts have reduced so much in quality that people are unsubscribing in droves or there is some errant code on this blog somewhere. Even before this occurred, we had started putting more effort and resources into writing better articles and publishing more useful news for you. So I started trimming the fat (I had a bunch of stats javascripts and the like which are now gone, a good result of this exercise) and looking through plugins. Little did it occur to me that the Feedburner plugin might be the culprit.

In all honesty, I have not had the chance to figure out why the plugin stopped working but I did some research on the web and no-one seems to have noticed the problem. It might be an isolated case where my configurations or combination of plugins on this blog is causing the issue but I highly doubt it. The Feedburner plugin page says that the plugin works with WordPress 2.5 and below. I replaced that plugin with the one from John Watson and everything seems to be working fine again. The feed counts might not go up right away (we are putting more effort and resources into writing better articles and publishing more useful news for you) but I feel better knowing that everything is kosher on the feed side.

Do you use the Feedburner Feed Replacement Plugin? Was feed broken? What other Feedburner plugins do you use and like?




  1. amit (2 comments.) says:

    Seems to be working for me alright on WP 2.8.3 without issues, feed getting redirected to Feedburner alright! :)

  2. Otto (215 comments.) says:

    FeedSmith is working for me, with 2.8.3. Check it yourself: . If you get redirected, that’s the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin at work.

  3. Otto (215 comments.) says:

    Also, I see that you’re still redirecting to Why have you not transitioned the feed over to the Google feedproxy yet? That might be the main issue, as the old is all but dead at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start turning off services to it, forcing people to transition to the new sites.

    • Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

      I am not sure feedproxy is where it should be headed. tells me where to point it to. Check out

      What a mess!! Why can’t this be consistent and backwards compatible?

      • amit (2 comments.) says:

        You can use this domain or any other domain of yours with Feedburner (eg. like I use it, that way the URL of the feed remain same irrespective of any moves by Google. I was using this before the change to Google Feedproxy & so even after migration my blog’s feed URL remain unchanged, I just had to edit the DNS record on my end to point to new server.

        This will also be beneficial if you stop using Feedburner in future, as the feed URL will still be in your control & you would be able to redirect it to the new feed. :)

      • Otto (215 comments.) says:

        Argh. Yes, I’ve checked my feedburner account, and it appears they’ve switched everything back to . Damnit, I wish they’d make up their minds.

        From what I can tell, is the correct and hopefully final address to be using.

    • Josh (2 comments.) says:

      I would imagine that feeds will continue to work forever. I seem to be using Google FeedBurner, administered at, and I am told to use a URL that begins I really don’t think they would bother trying to get everyone to change their links – that would be an enormous and unnecessary upheaval.

  4. ocean90 (1 comments.) says:

    I use also the FeedSmith plugin and it works fine.

  5. Bob Morris (2 comments.) says:

    FD Feedburner Plugin redirects all feeds to Feedburner, ez to use. Just put in address of fd feed and it does rest.

  6. Babs (37 comments.) says:

    *scratches head*

    Okay. When I updated my feeds for the move to Google I was given urls starting with “”. That’s what I have in the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin, and when I click the feed link it takes me to my feed via Feedburner/Google.

    However, when checking out my feed urls at, they all begin with the old “”


  7. Nicolas (25 comments.) says:

    Works for me as well. Using the latest WP 2.8.3 with the Plugin.

  8. Kevin (2 comments.) says:

    I checked my site and my feed using this plugin wasn’t working either. Switched to the FD Feedburner Plugin which is working fine.

  9. Pat (9 comments.) says:

    Works fine here. :)

  10. Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) (1 comments.) says:

    I have looked at 14 cases of feedburner not working for people. In all cases it was WP-Supercache by Donncha which was cache’ing the feed page so feedburner did not get the latest posts.

    Please setup your wp-supercache to not cache the feed pages and adjust the settings in that plugin.

    – Phil

    • Babs (37 comments.) says:

      There must be something additional in the mix.

      I’ve been using WP Super Cache on several sites and I’ve never had issues with Feedburner not getting my posts.

  11. WindowsObserver (55 comments.) says:

    Mark – working here for me on

  12. Ben (5 comments.) says:

    The plugin is still working fine for me, although Google changed my FeedBurner URL without notification to the domain a few months ago which was a little frustrating to say the least.

    • Babs (37 comments.) says:

      See my earlier comment ^

      Google has apparently changed things back to

  13. Jeffro (20 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using the FeedSmith plugin ever since I discovered it redirects all feeds to one address so stat tracking is easier and a little more accurate. Just checked my feeds and they are redirecting just fine, no issues on this front.

  14. Steve Hall (5 comments.) says:

    FeedBurner FeedSmith 2.3.1 works just fine for me under 2.8.4.

  15. amexi (1 comments.) says:

    hai Mark..
    it’s working fine for my blog…


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