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June 21st, 2007
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More stats from I really liked the service when it was first started and the recent improvements just add a little more icing to the cake. Now you can view the number of simultaneous users on your site or blog in graph format for the day, month or year. There is also a neat little search feature to modify your past stats for a certain date range. You can now tweak the widget for your blog by choosing the color of the background and the text in the widget to suit the layout of your site and there are options for the size of the widget.

I chose the TechCrunch stats because they are much more interesting to monitor but as you can tell, I installed the widget on this blog on the first day I found it and unlike other tools, it is still displayed on this blog. I like it since it is unobtrusive and quite enlightening if not somewhat entertaining. The new features and the growing popularity seems to have affected performance of their statistics page a little but I am hoping that is temporary as their revenue grows and they are able to add more resources towards this project. The performance hit has had no effect on the display of the widget. [EDIT] Of course, I jinxed their server(s) and they are down at the moment with no display of the tracker.

In completely unrelated news, WordPress 2.2.1 was released today and the upgrades include important security fixes and some bug fixes. The nicely polished upgrade is well worth it.




  1. Mosey says:

    Does this mean that 2.1.3 isn’t secure?

  2. Jack Book (4 comments.) says:

    is this like google analytics or it’s even better?


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