WordPress Plugin Releases for 6/22

June 22nd, 2007
WordPress Plugins

Content Related RSS Feeds takes the most relevant keywords from the post content and goes and finds feeds containing those keywords, and does that automatically, without the need of manually searching for appropriate feeds. Counter determines, how often the startpage of the blog is currently stored as bookmark at

FeedBurner Category Feeds allows users to redirect each category feed to his own FeedBurner feed. Unlike other plugins that redirect all the feeds to the main feed, this plugin allows you to have a feedburner feed for each category or subcategory.

Mr. Wong Counter returns the number of pages stored for this blog on mister wong.

Social Bookmark Buttons that will add bookmark buttons for,,,,,,, and

Sticky Menu lets you define an unlimited number of menus, in which you list the exact number of menu items you want to appear. Menu items can link to any pages, posts, etc., in your site or any URLs exterior to your site. You can define a class name for each menu item.

WP Currency Ticker shows almost real-time foreign currency rates on your weblog and supports 152 different currencies.

WP_Easyreply aids you in replying to many commenters on your post in one fell swoop.

WordPress Geo Mashup plots WordPress posts on a Google Map, with a pin at each post. Clicking on a pin pops up a summary and link to the post.




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