WordPress Plugin Releases for 03/06

March 6th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


Sparkplug is a very simple plugin which provides you with an easy-to-read indication of how active the “current view” of a blog is. On the homepage, it provides a sparkline chart showing total posts per day for the (by default) last 30 days. On a tag, category or author-specific page, it shows bars representing how many posts were made with that tag/category or by that author per day, with a line showing the total posts per day for comparison.

Email Post Activation

Adds an iFrame to your blog footer to automatically activate any posts written by email.

Plugin Info

This plugin provides a simple way of displaying up-to-date information about specific plugins hosted on the WordPress Plugin Directory in your blog posts and pages.

NoFollow Filter

The plugin allows you to automatically add nofollow attribute to a list of links that you define on the admin.

User Switching

Enables you to instantly swap between users in WordPress.

WP to Top

Adds a "Back to top" link in your blog without modifying your template files. This is useful especially if you have long posts or long pages. You will have a nice "Back to top" or whatever-text-you-want link floating at the bottom right/left of your page.

Updated Plugins

Feed Reading Blogroll

This plugin provides a sidebar-widget and a template-tag that add an enhanced blogroll to your sidebar. It checks on all your linked sites, when the most recent update has occurred.


Apture makes it easy to add contextual images, videos, reference guides, links, maps, music, news, documents and books to your blog to create a connected media experience that keeps readers engaged on your site.

WP Stats Dashboard

Displays the stats graph directly in your Dashboard. No more tiresomely opening the Blog Stats tab and manually logging in.

Extended Categories

Replacement of the default category widget to allow for greater customization of the category widget.

Plugins List

Plugins List allows you to insert a list of the plugins you are using on any post/page of your blog.

WordPress Mobile Edition

This is a WordPress plugin that will display a mobile-friendly theme for your site if your site visitor is using a mobile browser.




  1. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    Some nice plugins listed above, the developers are really on the ball.

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