WordPress Theme Releases for 6/21


CoolBlue is a 3-column, widget- and adsense-ready theme from the iBlue family. It features a solid blue header with the main content area sitting on a white background. Both sidebar columns appear on the right side without crowding the main content area.

Modicus is a 3-column, minimalist theme with a very different approach to theme design and layout. It is a spacious 3-column theme with two widget-ready sidebars, optional home page, and includes 5 optional plugins.

NightLife is a Performancing theme for WordPress.

RedStone is a stylish 2-column theme in red and black. Also check out Deep Red, Nature-Profile, and BlueIce by the same author.

The Vistered Little Theme has a transparent/glass like interface and is heavily customisable, has changeable wallpapers and is skinable. It uses the Skinner Plugin for switching the skins the Presentation Toolkit plugin for customization

RedPetals is a 3-column, black-colored theme with a green header, red flower, and a torn-edge look. Also check out YellowPetals, PinkLove, SkyBlue, and PurePurple by the same author. (All themes contain sponsored links.)




  1. Alberto García (1 comments.) says:

    “Maybe” I will get one of them ;)


  1. […] this site went through before I got here. But I know what I like when I see it and through Weblog Collection Tools today (which I browse through everyday) I found a theme that is very, very tempting. I was not […]

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