WordPress Theme Releases for 05/01


Milo has updated eight themes with new features. All come without any sponsorship links.

Drop2Splash is a three column, dark green theme with inbuilt support for several plugins. (English explanation at the bottom of the theme page)

Anubis is a 3 columns layout, widget ready theme with custom image header.

ASCII is a two column, fixed with theme that looks like a simple text file.

Citrus Scraps is a clean, cheery theme in orange and grey, fixed width, widget ready, very search engine friendly and supports (but does not require) a variety of plugins.

Redoable is a beautiful, two column, dark theme based on K2, with support for widgets and with several inbuilt modules.

Fluid Blue is a simple, graphics free, fluid width two column theme with support for widgets.

Upstart Blogger is a simple two column theme designed with support for standard ad formats.

Lilomilo is a simple, two colum, fixed width, widget ready theme.

Reaching Darkness is a 900px, fixed-width, dark, grayish, widget-ready theme with rounded corners and a 3-column design.

City Buildings is a two column, fixed width theme.

Rapid Access is a 3 column, fluid width and widget ready theme.

Yammy is a simple, two column, fixed width, widget ready template.

MyJournal Ethereal is a 3columns, white minimalist,seo optimised,lightning fast and highly customisable theme coming out of the box widget friendly, built-in sitemap and archives page topped with a navigation bar appearing sitewide offering greater usability and ease of browsing. (Contains Affiliate Links)

3cWebTwo is a 3 column fixed width WordPress theme with Adsense integration built in. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Citrus is a 3 column fixed width, widget ready theme based on a free template by StyleShout. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Greenway 3C is a 3 column widget ready Web 2.0 WordPress theme with a professional look based on Greenway 2C. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Sparky is a 2 column light blue coloured scheme theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

YGo CMS is a 3 column widget ready theme that has 4 columns on the homepage. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Edinburgh is a two column fixed width theme with a lighted Edinburgh Castle against the evening sky, with black and white elements over a slate background. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Verte is a modern and luminous two column, green theme with a crisp, clean look. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Insomnia is a widget ready, 3-column WordPress theme with a left and a right sidebar. (Contains Sponsored Links)

On The Clouds is a two column, fixed width theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

3cProfessional is a 3 column, fixed width theme with AdSense built into it. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Envision is a 2 column Adsense and Widget ready fixed width WordPress theme with a professional look. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Micfo Web 2.0 Green is a sleek two-column WordPress theme with green shades and orange highlights. (Sponsored Theme)




  1. Luis (3 comments.) says:

    Just to clarify,

    Envision does not contain sponsored links, the links shown are not active they are just an example of links that can be usen and how they looked. I’m using envision and I love it. Check it out.



  2. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    ASCII is hilarious!!!1 :o)

  3. dandyna (16 comments.) says:

    about half of those above are sponsored…. :'( . All I have to say is congrats to every designer who still developes wp-themes for passion, keep up, people!

  4. Sexy Nikki (2 comments.) says:

    Wow! This is the month for themes!

  5. Sandy says:

    Any chance you could separate the themes into two groups, sponsored and clean?

  6. l00ser (1 comments.) says:

    I translated this themes to polish language.

  7. Michael (19 comments.) says:

    I hope you had a good break, Ajay. Thanks for renewing the themes update posts.

    Your good work is much appreciated! :)

  8. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Had a great break indeed. Am still blogging about it. Thanks for inquiring :)

  9. EXiT WEB (27 comments.) says:

    Very nice themes! Keep up the good work!

  10. Johny (2 comments.) says:

    beautiful themes, nice job!


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