WordPress Theme Releases for 04/05


Lorem Ipsum is a rather plain, simple, clean, clear, white, three column, widget ready and no image WordPress Theme.

SimpleZilla is a three column white, grey and blue theme.

Frets is a dark & moody music-based 2 column theme featuring a fretted guitar neck on an amplifier’s cloth background.

Yellow is a two column, widget ready, grey and yellow theme.

Rockin Web 2.0 is a 3 column theme styled especially for a Web 2.0 look and flair with BIG fonts and blue, green, orange and white colors.

NiteLove is a two column, moon lit theme with a beautiful moon header.

Foxy 281 is a fast loading, minimalistic, search engine friendly theme, based on the 281 theme. It is a fixed width, 2 column, right sidebar theme, which uses no images or JavaScript.

iPhone is a single column theme with sidebar information below the post, inspired by the Apple iPhone and based on K2.

Lighted Bridge is a stylish black and dark blue 2 column theme with the bridge in the header.

Relax is a tridimensional fixed width, centered layout theme with a right sidebar.

This other Eden is a two column, fixed width, widget ready blue theme.

The Office is a two-column fixed width, widget ready theme, based on a design by Free CSS Templates.




  1. Small Potato (19 comments.) says:

    I understand the need for money to justify the time invested in developing free wordpress themes.

    But, so many themes nowadays come with mutliple irrelevant sponsored-links, it’s ugly.

  2. Michael Wales (2 comments.) says:

    90% of the themes that are released to the public don’t have any advertisements… and if they do, it’s really easy to remove them.

  3. Small Potato (19 comments.) says:

    That’s true. Non-sponsored themes outnumber sponsored themes, but not for long if we don’t do something about it.

    More than 50% of the latest 45 themes on the WordPress Theme Viewer site are sponsored themes.

  4. John (17 comments.) says:

    What is wrong with a sponsored theme? People want a return for their work. I see nothing wrong with that. Otherwise, any blogger who posts ads on their site is just as bad.

    The blogger who uses ads wants some sort of payback, however small, for their work. Same goes for the person who makes a theme that you find useful.

  5. Small Potato (19 comments.) says:

    I don’t have a problem with designers looking for ways to justify the time they put in to contribute to free themes. I’m also ok with sponsored themes, as long as the users know the sponsored links are there and what consequences can rise from it.

    Theme sponsorship is pure page rank spam if you must know. At least the author credit link is relevant because you need to credit the theme’s author.

  6. paul (1 comments.) says:

    that i phone theme is H-O-T…. hot….

  7. AJ (6 comments.) says:

    Wasn’t WLTC going to start promoting quality themes? Or do you just say it out for PR (I refer to the post known as WLTC High Ground)

    Have you taken a look at the code of Lorem Ipsum? It has so much of irrelevant links, google adsense code, spotplex (I have no idea what that is)letsmint, paypal and what else I am not sure.

    And it is promoted here, not once but twice.. Is that no hypocritical?

    Maybe this is being snarky/trollish or whatever. But when you say one thing and do another, it just not is a good practice.

  8. AJ (6 comments.) says:

    Missed TLA (with default id as the theme authors)

    And lastly, none of this is mentioned in the theme release page.

  9. Rugger (1 comments.) says:

    Author Credit links are fine and justifyable, sponsored links are just a little too far i think. In my blogs, Author link always stays, any other crap either gets deleted or the theme just doesnt get used. simple.

  10. Allan Tyler (1 comments.) says:

    Word press themes are the best of all but the main problem which i think in that are there are no advertisements and if they have that they can be removed very easily so, they should be stopped.

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