WordPress Theme Releases for 04/10


Spin Me is a fixed width, two columns, widget ready theme with good accessibility.

Dark Sunflower is a free, 2-column, widget-ready, brown-reddish theme featuring an image of dark sunflowers across the top.

New Order is a sophisticated red and grey e-zine type theme with two columns, fixed width and plugin support.

Nash WordPress theme designed with a three column fixed layout as a magazins style outfit for the front page with an additional footer. Demo

Seven WordPress theme designed with a three column fluid layout, a fine blue colour scheme and shows the excerpts of the latest post on the frontpage. Demo

NOcolors WordPress theme designed with a three column fluid layout with a grunge feeling, the recent post is featured at the frontpage. Demo

Burnedpage is a tridimensional theme optimized for FireFox, IE7, IE6, IE5.5 and IE5.0 . It has fixed width, centered layout and right sidebar. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Lively is a two column, widget ready, fixed width theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Road is a two column, widget ready theme with a twisty curvy road in the header. (Contains Sponsored Links)

RichOrange is a two column, widget ready, fixed width theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

City by Night is a single column with a picture of Salzburg in the header. Has support for JQuery, widgets and Simple Tagging plugin. (Contains Sponsored Links)

RockinBigIdea is a 3 column, widget ready theme with a wide middle column, left and right sidebars, and a top navigation bar for pages. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. jez (56 comments.) says:

    great turn out, 6 out of 12 themes today contain sponsored links.
    this perfectly shows where wordpress themes are going nowerdays!

  2. Thomas (14 comments.) says:

    And, how many of them suck?

  3. Ilya V. Azarov (1 comments.) says:

    Seven has nice layout but colors… colors.. ugh…

  4. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    Thanks for marking the sponsored themes, Ajay. I’m disgusted with them, too. I didn’t even bother looking at them, so Thomas, I haven’t a clue of their suckiness.

  5. Scott (5 comments.) says:

    I absolutely refuse to participate or even acknowledge themes with “sponsored links”. I wish the authors would just stop and host/place them on their own sites and let their “sponsors” drive traffic to them.

    Thanks Ajay…

  6. John Boyd (1 comments.) says:

    Ditto Scott and Jonathan. Sponsored links BAD. Can you hear Dana Carvey saying this in his best George Bush impression.

  7. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    @Jonathan, You’re welcome and this is how we will be listing themes from now on.

  8. Jen (1 comments.) says:

    Some great themes here – the Burned page one would have been perfect . . without the sponsored links !

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