WordPress Theme Releases for 04/14


Apfelplusz has released deZent, Is a blog, pvk and sImpLe

Light Col is a two column, orange, fixed width, theme. (Author states that the links in the footer cannot be removed. Check the page for complete details)

XGreen is a single column, minimalistic white/green theme that has valid css and xhtml code. (Contains Sponsored Links)

AquaGreen is a widget ready, two column, green theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Fire in I is a two column white, fixed width theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. jez (56 comments.) says:

    again a majority are sponsored themes, god I hate them.

  2. EXiT WEB (27 comments.) says:

    The first one isn’t much really. Aqua Green is a nice one, the theme is very appealing. ‘Fire in I’ doesn’t download of test it, I didn’t se one screen shot of that theme :(

  3. Srebrni (1 comments.) says:

    I am afraid that none of these themes either satisfy, nor offer much i the way of something that someone might use. Some of them do not even pass the basic rendering test.

  4. freeeye (1 comments.) says:

    As a newby to WordPress and blog software in general, I’ve shopped around a bit for themes. A lot of them look almost identical and the authors seem to be just piling on ‘features’ and colors to make a name for themselves. No big thing.

    But why the backhanded charging for this work? If they want to be paid, let them put the designs on the open market and charge what they think is appropriate instead of sneaking in advertising and threatening people with lawsuits if they remove it (as the above Light Col author is doing). There is absolutely nothing in that theme that is worth the $50 he wants to charge for it. I’ve looked at hundreds of WordPress themes and his would be lost in the blur.

    Sorry for ranting.

  5. ttancm (34 comments.) says:

    I actually kind of like the aquagreen one. As for not being worth $50, you should see what most people charge for custom WP themes. I’ve seen people charging $500 or more for one of a kind themes (themes they design for a specific client and won’t resell or distribute elsewhere).

    A lot of themes are just minor CSS changes or swapped header images, but if you put time into one it can easily cost a lot more than $50 in terms of time.

    My theme on my personal-for-fun-hobby website looks like ass but if I counted the hours I put into playing with html, css and php on that things as work time it’d be a lot of money.

  6. Johnathan Lyman (1 comments.) says:

    I second all the comments about the author of the Light Col theme. It looks like to me that someone is just greedy. Oh freaking well. I see many-a-wp-theme modified and changed and redistrobuted. That is just how this wp-world works. If you don’t like it, go to b2. (lol). For $50, I’d go buy a WP theme from before I pay $50 to remove some links from an already severly under par theme.

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