WordPress Theme Releases for 6/28


Buddha Expert is an attractive, 3-column theme with adsense support.

Ice 3.17 is a 3-column, fluid theme with support for related posts,, and Flickr.

Olive Green is a 1-column, light-weight theme.

Organic is a 2-column, widget-ready theme that supports a custom header image and “author comment highlight” feature.

Simpletex is a 2-column, fixed-width template with light color blend.

Blogbabe is a 3-column, widget-ready theme geared for female-oriented blogs. (Contains sponsored links.)

DarkOFluid is a 2-column theme set on black with white and pink highlights. (Contains sponsored links.)

Emporium Business is a 3-column, professional theme. (Contains sponsored links.)

Widepress is a 2-column theme with a wide sidebar. (Contains sponsored links.)




  1. jez (56 comments.) says:

    dear jim,
    thanks for your daily theme posts,
    on what timezone do you base your posts?
    I always wonder when I shall release my themes to get ‘picked’ up by you.

    Enjoy this sunny Thursday,

  2. trench (30 comments.) says:

    Darkfluid is very nice and themeland has some great themes. thanks!

  3. G says:

    your bonsai series is fresh. a little too cool for these posts.

  4. jez (56 comments.) says:

    wow, I feel charmed, first time ever someone speaks positively of the mighty bonsai. I was planning to release about 30 or so themes, but since rules on the wordpress themeviewer changed and their moderator is quite aggressively pursuing them, I wanted to know when I have to release them to get at least a little media coverage :(

  5. Jim Stitzel (27 comments.) says:

    Jez, we run on Eastern Time here, but if you post any theme releases you have in the news section here, I’ll be sure to add them into my daily writeups.

  6. jez (56 comments.) says:

    thanks for your reply,
    I will be posting my themes there then, too.
    What do you think is better, post one a day or in bulks of 3,5?
    I have been working on concepts for 30-some themes and am just in the progress of finalizing them each. (more to read and previews at

  7. Jim Stitzel (27 comments.) says:

    Jez, if you’re patient, one a day is probably better, since I already have to sort through quite a few every day. That way, each of your themes would get better visibility. :)

  8. jez (56 comments.) says:

    okay, great, I will start as by 1st July.
    I hope to hear from Lorelle by then, I wrote her, too (similar to smallpotato doing his “one theme a day challange”).

    Thanks again for your replies, you will be seeing stuff from me very soon :)

  9. rkcorp (8 comments.) says:

    hurrah jim..thanks for another list ;)
    peace trench..:0:
    love the blogbabe…i’m just speechless when come to cartoonist art..



  1. […] Widepress es un tema gratuito de 2 columnas con una barra lateral personalizable. También tiene algún enlace patrocinado. vía: WTC […]

  2. […] hope the folks over at will be able to pick them up one by one. All themes are free of charge, contain NO SPONSOR LINKS […]

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