WordPress Plugin Releases for 6/28

June 28th, 2007
WordPress Plugins

BBInfo shows you information gathered by the Bad Behaviour plugin. You get to see the IP blocked, the date and the URL accessed.

ClickComments makes your blog more engaging by making it easier to comment. Users can click an icon to express their thoughts.

MyStats is a stats plugin for your WordPress blog, released in two flavors – one that supports sessions and one that doesn’t.

NotifyMe adds mailing list functionality to wordpress, allows you to make and manage unlimited mailing lists, design the form however you want and it has a “new blog” notification feature, sending an e-mail to subscribers whenever you blog.

OneClick allows uploading of a plugin or theme without the need of manually uploading by FTP, allowing the upload from the Admin panel. All you have to do is browse for the zip file and click “upload” and the plugin does the rest.

PageActivity shows detailed information in your admin section about active users on your site and what they are currently doing. Features information such as referrer, user agent, IP, browsing history.

Search Pages lets your readers search for content in both posts and pages.

Useronline adds a Useronline Feature To WordPress featuring user names and search bot detection. Supports widgets and comes with configuration page.




  1. Moses Francis (11 comments.) says:

    The Search Pages plugin can be found here:

  2. Andy says:

    ClickComments is registerware. You can’t download without registering. It requires using a remote server. You can’t personalize the comments which are a standard KISS set (Keep It Simple and Stupid). A pity you can’t unregister.

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