WordPress Theme Releases for 05/09


Milo has three new WordPress themes and yet another three more.

Generic 2.0 is a two column widget-ready theme based on various Web 2.0 inspirations.

Daily Blog Tips is a clean, 2 columns theme. It is optimized for search engines and it is available in 4 colors.

Tabellenabernichtwidgetlos is a one column, black & white, minimal theme with widget support.

@NET is a Web 2.0 style, widget-ready, free WordPress theme designed for internet related blogs.

Funky Melon is a light and playful two column theme which is quite unique and perfect for Summer. Features reds and greens and, of course, plenty of watermelon goodness. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Scherzo is a two column, simple theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

3cGlossy is a three column, professional theme, with AdSense support built in. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Elite Circle is a sleek 2 column, adsense and widget ready WordPress theme with a right sidebar and a professional look. (Contains Sponsored Links)

BlueBix is a three column adsense ready theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

FTR is a professional and plain two column theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Micfo Sunset is a two column, fixed width theme with beautiful plants reflecting into the river in the header. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. Guy R. Vestal (10 comments.) says:

    WoW! I hate to sound negative… But “sponsored links” sure has turned into the “spam du jour” as of late. :(

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