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Search and Replace

This is a plugin for WordPress to allow you to search and replace text across all your posts.

Search and Replace is a simple easy to use plugin which is one reason I use it. The only job of the plugin is to find a phrase and replace it by another phrase.

Installation of the plugin is easy, just upload the single file and activate it.

You’ll be able to access the plugin from the Manage tag in WP-Admin.

Once there, you can select through which tables you want to search through and then enter the search and replace phrases.

The plugin uses SQL search. The search phrase is case sensitive, which means you have to be careful with what you are searching and replace.

I’ve been using this plugin to search and replace phrases and is one plugin I use on all the blogs I setup. I enable it whenever I need to make a search and replace and deactivate when done.

There are other advanced plugins with case-sensitive search as well as those which search using regular expressions, however this one is definitely good for its ease of use and getting the job done.

Have you ever felt the need to use a plugin like this?




  1. LcF (1 comments.) says:

    does it replace HTML code as well? If yes, then it is very useful. I always do mass mysql string replace when I changed a plugin or in-post code.

  2. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    I’ve used it to replace HTML as well. The display page gets messed up,but the replacement occurs.

  3. Abazza (4 comments.) says:

    Great plugin,… would be fine if it would replace words from the “tags”-table into links. Would be the best,…. any idea?


  4. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    The plugin wouldn’t touch the tags table, though you can hack the plugin to add more lookups as I have done.
    However, I wouldn’t advise you to change the words in tags table to links. It’s better to keep them as words and use php to link them.

  5. Sergio (1 comments.) says:

    My blog – – have a lot of images. I use Zoundry to post. It generate a filename_tn.jpg file for each image that I upload, with a filename.jpg file. After some time, I need to save some space and I use this plugin to search and replace all my *_tn.* files to *.*, in all my posts (more than 1500) and, after that, delete the *_tn files from my blog. Just fine and easy. By the way, the size of images inthe post keep the same of the thumbnails file :-)


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