WordPress Theme Releases for 04/19


Orange and Maroon Web Effect is two column theme based on the Yahoo! UI for cross browser stability and functionality, 950px wide, has a widgetized sidebar, tested in Safari, Firefox and IE6 and uses official Virginia Tech colors. The theme also has a memorial 04.16.2007 banner.

Modern Paper is a three column theme ideal for journalism sites.

Organic is a two column, fixed width, widget ready theme based a template by Free CSS Templates.

Sly is a three column, fixed width, widget ready theme.

IntraBlog is a subtle, neat and clean, white, 2 column, widget ready WordPress theme with a right sidebar and a professional look. (Contains Sponsored Links)

WordPress Gray Bird is a 2 column, widget ready theme with a sidebar on the right. (Contains Sponsored Links)

Green Delight is a two column, green and white widget ready theme. (Contains Sponsored Links)




  1. EXiT WEB (27 comments.) says:

    The themes that are usefull are (in my opinion):

    Modern Paper



    The rest of them are just for learning. Thnaks a loot for the themes guys.

  2. Ozh (88 comments.) says:

    FYI, content scraping suspicion on

  3. jez (56 comments.) says:

    looks like a mfa site, kind of.

  4. Britgirl (10 comments.) says:

    Looks like the scarper has copied your pages and is passing it off as their own… I don’t see any links back you Web Tools Collection…

  5. Syaf The Geek (2 comments.) says:

    I like Sly theme. Milo has done it again.


  1. WPrelease says:

    Green Delight Theme…


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