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April 19th, 2007
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Author Adsense

Plugin Page

This plugin allows blog authors to enter their Google Adsense Publisher ID and have ads displayed on their own posts generating revenue.

– Ability to set ratio of author to admin ads
– Default fallback to admin Publisher ID in case authors’ ID is blank

My Review
I decided to test this plugin on my technology blog since I am thinking of opening it up to other authors.

Installing the plugin is normal. You can set the admin publisher ID and individual authors can set their IDs in WP-Admin itself, which ensures that there is no messy editing of files.

Admins can set the ratio of how much their ads are displayed to that of author ads. However, one feature lacking is to customize this ratio by user. Currently you’re stuck with a fixed ratio, so you can’t give your better performing users higher preference over others.

This plugin requires editing of your template files. The editing is minor, though I did run into a problem when running multiple ads. Instead of following the instructions on the plugin page, I used the same code for all the ads and it worked perfectly.

This is indeed a very useful tool if you wish to compensate your authors but don’t want to handle the payments yourself, but instead let the authors work talk for itself.
e.g. if any author gets major traffic to his/her post, then the revenue that can be got can be really phenomenal.

It also works well on the admins point of view as he can get a cut of the money earned.

For authors it works well because since your displaying your ad, it is Google infact who will be paying you.

Overall an easy to use plugin that “pays off”. However, single users would know that it is of no use to them.




  1. Liew Fong (12 comments.) says:

    that’s interesting. good for multi authors blog.

  2. Frank Auto (1 comments.) says:

    Sounds like a cool plugin!
    Is it working good and how do you control your authors ?
    Frank Auto

  3. skarld (1 comments.) says:

    I have played with this plugin myself. It’s a great idea. Without following the plugin instructions for multiple ads however, I believe the ads appear but without the Google AdSense ID attached. Now all I have to do is recruit authors.

  4. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    @Frank, you don’t have to control your authors. you set the percentages, they can just enter their adsense id.

    @skarld, I faced the same problem as well. I used the same code throughout even for multiple ads and it worked well.

  5. Frank Auto (1 comments.) says:

    Hello Ajay,
    sorry, I’m still new in wordpress. The question is how can I control, that other writers only can write a post, place adsense in it and add their adsense id ?
    And will they get also dollars on adsense blocks around the post, by sample in sidebar ?

  6. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    @Frank, you give your authors Author privileges so they can post.

    For the ads, you need to make the changes in your template file if you are using the above plugin.

  7. Bryan (2 comments.) says:

    Skarld hits the nail on the head. We’ve tried this approach on a couple of different sites as Pligg also has a similar plugin. The problem is, if an individual has an adsense id they most likely have their own site. If they have their own site, why would they want to come publish on yours and get paid only a percentage of what they could likely get paid by posting on their own? Unless you have a high traffic site it doesn’t make much sense from an author’s point of view. At we’ve been having a lot more success using the “manual” way. It’s logistically more taxing, but more practical.


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