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WordPress Plugin Download Statistics

Display download stats of your plugin hosted on


  • Add plugins to track via administration panel
  • Cache download statistics for a amount of time set by the user
  • Retrieve plugin statistics from and display in the administration panel

This plugin is not meant for regular users, but is geared towards plugin authors who have hosted their plugins at

Installation of the plugin is normal and easy. Download the file, upload it to your plugins folder and activate the plugin.

Within WP-Admin itself you can specify the names of the plugins you have hosted at as well as the complete path to them.

The plugin will then get the download stats of your plugins and display them. The stats are cached and you can set the time of expiry of the cache.

Small plugin that does a simple job. Are you a plugin author hosting your plugins out there? Is this plugin any use for you?




  1. Nick Ohrn (5 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the feature! You may be wondering why this plugin isn’t hosted on so I can track its statistics. Well, I asked for a spot to host it almost two weeks ago, and the request is still pending.

    If you’re a plugin author and you find this plugin handy, let me know!

  2. keith (10 comments.) says:

    fyi, the plugin doesn’t work with PHP 4 installations.

  3. Nick Ohrn (5 comments.) says:

    @keith – I recognize that, and I put it in the readme. I thought I had added that information on the page for the plugin, but evidently I did not. I’ve edited the page now.

  4. keith (10 comments.) says:

    seems kind of odd to alienate the majority of wordpress users when your software is meant for them.

    wordpress only requires PHP 4.2, and most shared hosting installations don’t run PHP 5. is there a reason you chose to do this?

  5. Nick Ohrn (5 comments.) says:

    Well, to be honest, I wrote this plugin for personal use and figured it would be useful to other plugin authors. My shared host offers PHP and it was an easy way to accomplish what I needed to get done. I’ve examined ways to make it work with PHP4, and none of them seemed as elegant.

    Like most open-source software, I had a personal need to fulfill, scratched that itch, and released the solution to the community. Because I wanted to improve my knowledge of document parsing using the DOM API, I chose to use DomDocument in PHP5. I realized that there would be a subset of users who couldn’t use what I developed, but I make it explicit in both the readme, and now on the download page (thanks for pointing out it wasn’t there.)

  6. Marcis Gasuns (1 comments.) says:

    Great, now I can track the PDF downloads at my software site, thanks.


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