APAD: Pre-Publish Reminders

April 14th, 2007
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Pre-Publish Reminders

Plugin Page:

It provides the user with the ability to create and store a configurable list of reminders that need to be followed before they press publish on a post they have written. The reminder text and background can both be colored as desired by the user and the text can be set to bold, italic, or both.


  • Control reminders from easy to use administration panel
  • Edit and delete reminders you have already written
  • Set text and background color of reminders
  • Set text formatting options of reminders

Future Plans:

  • Add javascript color picker for background and text color selection
  • Allow reordering of reminders
  • Option to export your reminders to text file – Enables cross-blog sharing of reminder list
  • Option to import reminders from text file – Enables cross-blog sharing of reminder list
  • Fancy AJAX features for adding, removing and reordering of reminders
  • Ability for administrators to set minimum level for viewing reminder editing page
  • Delineate between reminders for different users


The installation of the plugin is simple as any other plugin. The presence of the management interface makes adding and removing reminders extremely easy.

The reminders are listed below the submit buttons. I’m not sure if it is possible, but the ability to list it above the submit buttons makes sure you read the reminders before hitting it.

This plugin is extremely useful if you have a lot of tasks that you normally perform before publishing your posts, so it helps you keep track of them. It also works for admins who want to ensure that the users follow the practices of the blog.

The ability to color code the reminders makes it very useful to highlight the more important topics from the lesser important one.

I like the fact that the author has good plans about where he wants to take the plugin; the Ajax features for one will make it lot easier to use.

Do you seen any worth in this plugin? What are your suggestions?




  1. Mark (2 comments.) says:


    Just as on eBay where we have “Sell similar item”, does WordPress have a plugin that allows “Write similar post”, wherein one doesn’t need to add the same tags manually or rewrite the same post with a slight change all over again?

    If not, do you think something like that can be created? Thanks.

  2. Todd (2 comments.) says:

    I’m not PHP savvy enough to add a sig line into my posts automatically. With the reminder plugin, I can keep the html tag for my sig handy for a quick copy and paste before I publish my post.

  3. ovizii says:

    I think a link to the reviewed plugin would be nice to have :-)

  4. jayne d'Arcy (9 comments.) says:

    This sounds like a plugin that I could use for a friend of mine who is both new to the internet AND to blogging.

  5. moshu (1 comments.) says:

    I’d second ovizii’s suggestion regarding a link…

  6. Nick Ohrn (5 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the review. This plugin came about because of a request made on the blog Lorelle on WordPress. You can find the plugin at its dedicated page on my website

  7. Patrix (6 comments.) says:

    Errr…where is the link to the plugin page or downloadable file?

  8. Jennifer (1 comments.) says:

    This looks great. I did a search for this, since there’s no link, and see there are at least two plugins with this name. I look forward to an update to this post with a link to the reviewed plugin!

  9. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    @Mark, there isn’t such a feature right now, but I believe it can be put in… what we need is a duplicate post feature!

    @ovizii, I’m getting forgetful! Link put in

    @Nick, you’re welcome

    @Jennifer, sorry for the inconvenience… glad to know you found the link.

  10. jez (58 comments.) says:

    I got to try this one out, it sounds really interesting! great write-up!

  11. ovizii says:

    @ajay: I was already using this plugin so I knew the link, I just wanted to remind you of the missing link so others could try it too

    @todd: regarding posting signatures, there is a nice plugin that does add a user defined signature to your posts, do a search for “dagon design wordpress plugin” you will find it for sure.


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