Free eBook: Locking Down WordPress

July 15th, 2012
WordPress, WordPress Security

The latest free WordPress eBook from Code Poet has arrived, Locking Down WordPress. This new eBook from Rachel Baker, Brad Williams, and John Ford, will show you how to secure your WordPress installation and take care of it when things get out of hand.

Security should be one of your fore-most concerns with any website, and this eBook is free and available in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats, so get it while it’s hot!




  1. gestroud says:

    A handy read with plenty of good advice. Downloaded all three versions. The .pdf and .epub versions look great, but the Kindle version may need some layout tweaking. The justified text is slightly annoying. Beyond that, I’m truly appreciative of the authors’ efforts in helping the WordPress community.

  2. Jesslyn (1 comments.) says:


    Yes, agree that the author has really put in a lot of effort to put together this post. Truly appreciative too! :)

  3. Supian Mustapa (1 comments.) says:

    Mr. James,
    Interested on your keypoint “Security should be one of your fore-most concerns with any website”…

    Security experts have list out this 4 practice as your keypoint above..

    Password management software
    Account activity monitoring
    Incident Response and Crisis Management

    Nice sharing James!..

  4. Timo (3 comments.) says:

    It’s good to see that such valuable information is given away for no cost.

    I recently installed an activity plugin on WordPress and monitored that there are login attempts on a minute basis. I think this days there are almost more bots out there than real users.

  5. Mark Hunt (3 comments.) says:

    Hi James,

    My blog was hacked twice last year. No matter what I did after the first time they managed to hack it again. I guess I was the only one to blame; I used so many plugins without checking them. Today I know better. Thank you so much for this recommendation, I learned a lot.


  6. Thomas Thorpe (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve downloaded the Kindle version, as I like to read on my eReader more than on my smartphone, I appreciate your effort of adding three different formats on this ebook.

  7. Rich (25 comments.) says:

    There’s some great information in this ebook! Some of it is (or should be) common sense for a website admin, but much of it is a new concept for WordPress users. Awesome to see it being given away for FREE!

  8. Shannon (2 comments.) says:

    Definitely a must read. I’m familiar with Code Poet’s books, “WordPress meets responsive design” was great so I’m surely give this one a try too.

  9. Kelly Anthony (1 comments.) says:

    This is a great resource – i’ve downloaded these ebooks to read this afternoon

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