WPTeX: WordPress to pdf ebook with LaTeX

January 26th, 2008

WPTEX: Turn you wordpress blog into a pdf ebook using LaTeX Now I wrote my Masters Thesis in Microsoft Word and I would rather pull my hair out one at a time than do that again. However, I bring that up because I jealously watched as the other cohorts of my MS class put together their thesis with LaTeX with relative ease and perfect formatting. WPTeX will let you publish your blog as a PDF eBook using LaTeX and includes a lot of very cool features such as auto indexing and TOC generation. It is released under the GPL I will have to show this to my blogging dad who will love to have an eBook made out of his blog on research of health and wellness!




  1. Jeffro2pt0 (164 comments.) says:

    This sounds like an awesome tool for someone that has a blog devoted to one or two specific subjects and has a ton of informative posts.

  2. Jim Stitzel (27 comments.) says:

    I just downloaded it, set it up, and gave it a test run. It appears there are still some bugs to iron out because all it did was generate a blank /wptex/index.php page and nothing else. I left a comment on the developer’s blog to that effect, so hopefully he’ll release an updated version soon. This is a fabulous idea, and I’d love to see it really grow legs.

  3. Mosey says:

    Heh, one of my best friends LOVES LaTeX, and goes on and on about it for his university projects. I haven’t quite got round to looking into it, but I’ve seen the work he produces, and it looks VERY professional. It’s good to know there’s this funky tool available for people thinking of publishing their blogs for instance. It’s a good basis to start from even if there are a few bugs. Especially for the LaTeX newbies like myself!

  4. Karim (3 comments.) says:

    Hey there! :) Thank you so much for the review!!

    @Jim : Thank you! You’ve been heard and I’m working on the issue. Actually it’s a first release and I used it successfully on a blog I’ve been managing. You can check the produced PDF –okay, it’s a possible style and you can tweak and customize at will :) here:

    Thank you all for the feedback and the ideas!

  5. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    That is a cool idea. not appropriate for a personal blog, but like you said, for a University, or for a thesis type blog, this would ba a great idea.

  6. bubazoo (213 comments.) says:

    or I guess I should say, this would be great for a Static Content blog.
    If the content is constantly being updated, however, this would be alot of work.

  7. Karim (3 comments.) says:

    Well, with a little tweak, and pdflatex installed on the server, a cron job may make nice things ;-) See what I mean?

  8. Karim (3 comments.) says:

    A last thing: The project is now hosted on google code, so any help is really welcome :)

  9. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Yet another powerful tool to make WordPress kick some serious booty.

    I have a few clients that would LOVE to have this … thanks!

  10. pdfmania (1 comments.) says:

    Is there a protection feature to keep the document original? This is the only on coming to my consideration when using pdf generator. I always want keep a document as is.


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