Akismet Launches Partner Program

November 12th, 2011
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Akismet, the most popular WordPress anti-spam plugin, has launched a parter program geared toward developers who urge the use of Akismet among their larger clients.

Akismet is free for most users, but sites which make a substantial amount of income on their own are asked to pay a small amount for the service. Given that most of these sites are built by third-party developers, designer, or consultants, the program is designed to share a percentage of the purchase with the referring individual if the referred user chooses to sign up with a paid Akismet plan.

The program is open to applicants, so feel free to apply for registration now. And, if you have never used Akismet, today’s the perfect day to start.




  1. Patrick B (6 comments.) says:

    Hey James,

    Not sure my last comment went through. Here goes again…

    It would be nice if Akismet would implement some way of filtering out duplicate comments. By duplicate I mean comments that are already posted on other websites. Many times I’ll receive a relatively generic comment that looks legitimate, but when I search for it in Google I find that it has been posted on 13000 other websites. It’s really frustrating to have to go through these kinds of posts all the time.

    • Rev. Voodoo (5 comments.) says:

      Have you tried the ‘cookies for comments’ plugin at all? It works great in combo with akismet. The majority of those types of spam you discuss are posted by automated bots. CfC is great at blocking them before they get to leave a comment.

      • Darren (1 comments.) says:

        I’ve never seen any of those “duplicate comments” on my blog, or maybe it’s because it’s really obvious that those are spam comments I do not even approve them.

        Usually I only approve comments on my blog which have something inside which relates to the content that I posted about. If it’s a comment like “Great content” “Nice post” or “Great blog” I usually ignore them.

        Looks like I’ll also have to take a look at CfC and see if it fits with my other plugins on my page.

  2. jbsxpo (1 comments.) says:

    @Patric, it’s nice news for wordpress user that everyday have hundred bad comments. I will support aksimet to kill spammer!

  3. Pravin Ganore (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve been waiting for a VaultPress affiliate system from a long time.

    It’s an easy sell (security) and a solid product, what’s the holdup on their end I wonder?

  4. Jamie Paterson (1 comments.) says:

    I love Askimet heaps and I agree its does a great job. Its just so hard to convince myself to pay for it after having it free for so long.

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