May 15th, 2006

Akismet has caught 271,167 (spam) for you since you installed it.

That is 1.01% of all Spam (26,898,036 as of this post) that Akismet has caught!
[EDIT] How many Spam has Akismet caught for you?




  1. CT (5 comments.) says:

    I think you mean 98.99% of all spam shot your way? ;)

  2. CT (5 comments.) says:

    Er, or not. Nevermind, I think I read that wrong.

  3. Dener (1 comments.) says:

    Our blog has spammed 9994 times only this weekend!

  4. Jeriko One (4 comments.) says:

    577. About 10 – 20 per day, I guess spammers don’t like me that much ;-)

  5. Joe (13 comments.) says:

    For me 10,000. Currently though it’s over 11,000 probably 12,000.

  6. Alan Kellogg (9 comments.) says:

    37 all told. Would’ve been 38, but one turned out to be legit. Guess I need to work on my popularity. :D

  7. Elliott Back (2 comments.) says:

    Only 16,431. That’s kinda sad. I need to attract more spam?

  8. Joe (13 comments.) says:

    You want more spam? Why?

  9. Mike Little (1 comments.) says:

    53,462 at the moment. Over 1300 from the last 3 days. I guess I’m popular enough!

  10. Sam (13 comments.) says:

    What’s that phrase Ron Popeil uses in his “Showtime Rotisserie Infomercials? The line that the studio audience shouts in unison is:
    “Set it and FORGET IT!”

    689 and counting…

  11. AsceticMonk (5 comments.) says:

    So far, 2963 spams and I am grateful.

  12. Fonzo (12 comments.) says:

    Just under 600 in about a months time. Not too bad, I guess?

  13. Weiran (6 comments.) says:

    Actually, since I installed Bad Behaviour and Akismet, the spam count has gone down to about 5 a week from around 100! It’s so effective! AND, all 5 are caught by Akismet too.

  14. James Skemp (5 comments.) says:

    443 for one – the question is, when did I install it? Follow-up, why doesn’t the plugin tell me? Hmm …

  15. John (1 comments.) says:

    3,093 and rising at about 100 per day. So far there has been only 3 that snuck by and 1 false positive. The time that Akismet saves me in reading “New Comment Posted” emails makes it worth its weight in gold. :)

  16. Ajay (39 comments.) says:

    Before considering who got spammed more, have you folks tried the new Bad Behavior?

    Seems to be really good because the amount of spam on my blog has gone to negligible since I installed it.

    I’m not using Akismet. I got SK2 (with Sk2+Akismet plugin) running, which does a great job in catching the spam.

  17. differentieel says:

    ZERO! i don’t use it.
    i’m a Bad Behavior fan (yes the latest) zero spam
    BB2 is great!

  18. eyn (4 comments.) says:

    I second the usefulness of Bad Behavior. It prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their HTTP request so you can save yourself some server load that would otherwise be used for serving spambots.

  19. Astraea (2 comments.) says:

    So far, I had about 300+ spam comments from before. Good thing I learned about Akismet!

  20. Mark (5 comments.) says:

    8,109 bits of spam, but I also use Bad Behavior which greatly cuts down on the amount of spam I see in Akismet’s queue.

  21. Patrick Lee (2 comments.) says:

    I’m right behind you, Mark. Fifty-five and counting… heh heh.

  22. Patrick Lee (2 comments.) says:

    I’m right behind you, Mark. Fifty-five spam comments and counting… heh heh.

  23. drmike (10 comments.) says:

    *117* Most of those within the last few days.

  24. Dougal Campbell (35 comments.) says:

    18,676 caught here.

    But I’ve got other anti-spam measures that prevent a good portion of the repeat offenders from hitting my server. Otherwise, that number would be *MUCH* higher.

  25. matthew (1 comments.) says:

    a mere 1,720.

  26. Jeremy (6 comments.) says:

    We’ve only gotten 13 spam comments in the lifetime of our use of Akismet. Strangely, 10 of those happened in the last week and the commenting seems to be on an uptick for some reason.

  27. (1 comments.) says:

    as of today I’ve been protected 5155 times and average about 200 a day.

    What, specifically, do you think the spammers look for in a target?

    Your record is a monster!

  28. Jeff (2 comments.) says:

    I disabled comments on my site, but still get hundreds per day. How are they commenting when it’s disabled? On the bright side, Akismet catches every single one. I don’t think any anti-spam program has as high a success rate as you.

    Current count = 6995. about 6500 of those came in the last five days. Spammers seem to have discovered me.

  29. Jeff (2 comments.) says:

    Out of curiosity, what’s the number for this blog? I’d love to know if they’re actually trying to spam Akismet

  30. David Russell (32 comments.) says:

    147, although for a while I had it disabled in protest at the Yahoo deal

  31. David Russell (32 comments.) says:

    Jeff – when you disable comments in your WordPress ‘discussion’ options, that only disables comments on FUTURE posts. You need to turn off comments on each of your previous posts individually before these will stop receiving comments (stupid but true). If you’re on a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can do this with a MySQL script, if you’re on a blog, you are screwed (you’ll have to untick the box on every single post).

  32. Nico (3 comments.) says:

    “Akismet has caught 8 spam for you since you installed it.” Hmm… Well, but I just upgraded to WP2 the other day! ;)

  33. Nat (6 comments.) says:

    2087 and counting :)

  34. Will (1 comments.) says:

    Only 28 today for Akismet. Thank god. And Not even one got by. :)

    See my plug-ins list to see what I use. 100 Plug-ins atm. lol

  35. colbert (1 comments.) says:

    as I said on my website, spammers should be hanged. We should learn what tools they use and in turn, develop counter measures


  1. How much spam?

    Akismet is beautifull piece of software for blog protection, and catches lot of spam comming here. Not a single spam message ever came to blog without being caught by akismet module. I have about 200 spam messages weekly, and i’m pretty short…

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