Akismet Gets a Facelift

November 5th, 2010
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Akismet was one of Automattic’s first projects, and after 5 years of sporting the same design, the entire site has received a major facelift.

On first glance, the new site presents Akismet’s benefits in a much clearer way, and offers clearer distinction between the free and paid licenses. Fans of the old spam stats will probably notice that they are no longer featured on the front page, but fear not, they have just been moved to the About page.

Akismet’s anti-spam offerings have continue to grow dramatically over the last 5 years. What began as a single WordPress plugin is now available in 24 plugins and 14 libraries.

What do you think of Akismet’s redesign? Do you use Akismet on your blog? If not, how do you protect your blog from spam?




  1. hpguru (3 comments.) says:

    I use Akismet more than 3 years in my blog. I buy next week pro license. :)

    I have very good experience with Akismet in my blog. And new site is really good!

    AND WORDPRESS IS MY LIFE! WordPress is best!

    • dgrut (13 comments.) says:

      how much it cost for akismet pro?
      i just knew it’s free, what’s the benefit of pro akismet?

      • hpguru (3 comments.) says:

        5 $ per month and 59 $ per year.

        Pro license is good if your blog has for example AdSense.

        Using Akismet need now Pro License for commercial use.

  2. Florence (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve been using Akismet on a few of my blogs and it works great; no issues there. I have a feeling that Akismet actually banned me though from posting on other people’s blogs, although I’m not a blatant spammer; I always make insightful comments that are relevant to the post, but a while ago I was getting a “blank page” when posting comments on other folks blog. I think it’s Akismet related although I’m not one hundred percent sure.

  3. Milan (17 comments.) says:

    I use Akismet on both of my blogs. On one, I also use the free CloudFlare DNS-based security system

  4. pbatraining (1 comments.) says:

    I have to say that I’ve been using Askimet for around a year now and I’m struggling to get any value from it. I must get around 1000 spam comments a month and Askimet only marks 5% or so as actual spam. Maybe I’m not implementing it correctly?

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