WordPress Honors 2010: Why You Should Register

October 12th, 2010
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A couple of days ago, James mentioned the 2010 WordPress Honors website, which aims to be to WordPress what the Oscars are to the movie industry. This site is a very good initiative and there are three compelling reasons why you should register and vote.

Reason 1: you can’t beat “free”

This one is pretty obvious: there are plenty of stuff to win, and you might win one. Check out the Sponsors page and peruse the growing list of goodies provided by several benefactors of our community. Vote and one could be yours. Not interested in any prize? Vote anyway, win one and sell it during your next front yard sell!

Reason 2: it’s good for the community

Our community consists in users using products, and authors crafting those products (themes, plugins, tutorials and news sites…). This event is an occasion for users to show their support, admiration, thankfulness or love to makers. Some of the products in our community are commercial and as such require a financial effort, but most are free and don’t get too many feedback on how users are pleased to use them. And anyway this is not about money here: this is about love. Tell makers you love them. Vote for them. And if your favorite product maker is not nominated yet, submit them.

Reason 3: it’s custom post types

That is actually my personal favorite reason why you should register to the site.

A little background information for those who are starting to get lost? WordPress can register different types of posts, and uses internally a few of them: “posts” in the traditional way, “pages” as you know them, but also attachments, revisions and nav menus. Users and authors can also define custom post types (sometimes referred to as CPT) to further extend the way they will manage their content with WordPress.

The 2010 WordPress Honors website makes good use of custom post types, to file Sites, Plugins, Themes and Personalities. You probably have seen a few tutorials already explaining how to implement CPT into your theme or plugin, but if you are not that tech savvy and just want to understand how the end result might look like and work, register and poke around the admin interface. Then, of course, browse the site itself and vote!




  1. Chris Howard (6 comments.) says:

    And it’s a great place to find new WP stuff you never knew about!

    I found and it is an answer to my prayers, and I bet many des/devs working for themselves.

  2. Drew Brown (12 comments.) says:

    Can’t beat free is right. SES was 1,500 dollars this year, a new high for me for a conference. Anytime you get a chance for free community go for it.

  3. Adam W. Warner (1 comments.) says:

    Looks like a great (and fun) way to promote the plugin and theme devs that I rely on to succeed with WordPress daily!

  4. Jared (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks! You definitely can’t beat free.

    Expect there to be another giveaway of prizes this week.

  5. Constantine (2 comments.) says:

    Cant beat free is right! I have submitted my site. This is an invaluable source of quality backlink.

  6. Phil (2 comments.) says:

    Free rules. On my way over to enter my wedding photography site!

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