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February 27th, 2008

Webware has opened up voting on the 2008, Webware 100. This is Webwares annual awards program where users from all across the globe get to vote on their favorite Web 2.0 apps. Last year, WordPress took the honors of winning the Publishing category. This year, WordPress is in the running for the Publishing & Photography category, along with a few other big names.

Voting will run until March 31. Winners will be announced on April 21, the day before the big Web 2.0 Expo opens.

To vote, click on this link and scroll down to the bottom of the website until you see WordPress. Click on the VOTE button on the right hand side. Webware allows you to vote up to 3 times within this category so if you feel as if any other nominee deserves a vote (why would you) click on the other company names and click on the vote button. *note* Your vote for WordPress covers and the open source project known as WordPress.

Let’s see if the community can help WordPress win their respective category two times in a row.




  1. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Yeah, I voted for Blogger …

    hahahaa .. no no, don’t ban my IP!! I’m kidding!!! Viva la WordPress!

  2. Nadz | MindBlogger - Blogging Tips, Tricks and Tools (1 comments.) says:

    How can I not vote for WordPress? It almost feels like I owe it all 3. Then again, there’s some pretty tough competition this year right? We’ll just have to wait and see..

  3. shane (2 comments.) says:

    Just voted!

  4. Demifantasy (1 comments.) says:

    I’ve just voted for WordPress and also wanted to say “Thank you” to WordPress team!

  5. Alex (8 comments.) says:

    Voted, most deserved vote I have to add, even considering constant updates … I mean innovations :)

  6. ChaosKaizer (62 comments.) says:

    been there done that

  7. trench (30 comments.) says:

    wordpress blogger for life!!! voted!

  8. saskboy (2 comments.) says:

    If I vote for WordPress, will the developers get swelled egos and stop listening to the users?

  9. Ottila Jordan (2 comments.) says:

    I certainly voted for WordPress.

  10. Bill (6 comments.) says:

    As a new blogger I couldn’t be happier with WordPress. Easy to use, feature rich, great community. What more could I ask for. Way to go WordPress team!

  11. Keith Bowes (8 comments.) says:

    WordPress is awesome, but the attitudes of those behind it… not so much. I wouldn’t worry too much about giving them big heads, considering.

  12. Kevin Paquet (1 comments.) says:

    Good luck for wordpress, I have posted a common article on my blog too.

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