Protect Yourself from Parasite Spam with Akismet


If you run a social network or any kind of online publishing service, you will be hit by spam, if you haven’t been hit already, and Akismet wants to help.

When most people hear about Akismet, they often think about WordPress, but Akismet is actually available for over twenty additional systems and platforms, including Movable Type, Drupal, phpBB, PunBB, and libraries for PHP, Python, and .NET.

If you’re running, or planning to run, a social network or online publishing service, the Akismet team wants you to know that they can not only protect you from direct spam, but from parasite spam as well, as long as you can give them a way to contact you.

Akismet’s pattern and volume monitoring abilities make direct spam easy to filter, but ever since the dawn of forums, spammers have opened accounts for the sole purpose hosting their spam on your site. Thanks to Akismet’s pattern monitoring, the Akismet team can easily track the source of these parasite spammers and notify the site’s owner, but there’s little they can do if they can’t get in touch with you. Since contact forms can break without warning, the Akismet team recommends that you provide a traditional abuse@yourdomain email address. If you don’t want to make this email address public, at least contact Akismet and have it placed on file.

Are you using Akismet on your social network or online publishing service? With so many options available, why not try it today? Parasite spam can hit almost any site driven by user content, so don’t forget to offer your contact information to the Akismet team.




  1. munawar am (2 comments.) says:

    Akismet has help me solving blog scurity from spammers who are not responsible with the comments

  2. quicoto (39 comments.) says:

    Akismet just own the spammer :)

  3. Lisas LB (1 comments.) says:

    Yeah this is correct, I thought Akismet only works with
    Wordpress. Good thing it is not. We only want our identity be safe
    in World Wide Web.

  4. Jimmy (3 comments.) says:

    Akismet is an absolute must to prevent spam but it didn’t solve my spam problems. The maths comment spam plugin helped me a lot. Since I installed that I only get a few spam comments a day, which is a flippin miracle compared to before.

  5. Alden (2 comments.) says:

    Is Akismet also available for blogger? I have tried it on WordPress and it’s very reliable.

  6. Suraj Tandon (3 comments.) says:

    In my wordpress blogs, i have been using Akismet from starting my blogging carrier. Its a Nice tool to detect comment spam.

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