WordPress Plugin Releases for 04/17

April 17th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Hikari Hooks Troubleshooter

Hikari Hooks Troubleshooter creates a draggable window with informations about all functions hooked to WordPress actions and filters, and lists all conditional tags.

Hikari Unicornified Gravatars

Hikari Unicornified Gravatars converts avatars from people that don’t have a Gravatar, into customized unicorns. Embeddable Forums

Add a forum, message board, or discussion board to your blog. This plugin will add a Forums page to your blog and allow your members to start their own conversations and topics on your site.

Eletro Widgets

It allows yout to use WordPress widgets to set up your home page (or any page) in your blog. You can configure and drag & drop widgets around right in the front end. Please watch the video for further details

HTML Emails

Converts the default fugly, plain-text email notifications into fully customizable, sweet lookin’ HTML emails.


Allows you to turn any WordPress site into a full arcade site, including flash game uploads, categories, and more.


As you upload images through the Media Library (or Write Post/Write Page), TwitPic-It will send your image to, using your Twitter account

Dojo Fisheye Gallery

This plugin can create a photo gallery with a fisheye-style display using Dojo Toolkit Ajax. Put your mouse on the photos and see the effects!

Updated Plugins multi-edit

The MultiEdit plugin creates tinyMCE editable regions or “blocks” inside a page template. This is great for creating a template specific content block outside of the normal the_content() output.


Sends status updates to or Twitter everytime you publish a post.

WP Google Buzz

Beautiful Google buzz integration to wordpress + 8 different admin panel options (Settings -> WP Google-buzz) + 14 diff button images + Share Counter Option + mouse over effects.

Broken Link Checker

Check your blogs to see if any of the links are broken.

Simple Twitter Connect

Now updated for @anywhere support! @anywhere is Twitter’s new Javascript library, similar to Facebook Connect.

Rico Ajax Menu

This plugin will create a menu with tabs, accordions or pulldowns using Rico Ajax




  1. Nicholas Teo (37 comments.) says:

    Broken Link Checker is very effective. I like it a lot. It has help me found quite a few broken link on my own site.

  2. Andrew@BloggingGuide (63 comments.) says:

    Dojo Fisheye Gallery plugin sounds really cute and fun!

  3. Kim Woodbridge (4 comments.) says:

    ArcadePress is still in alpha but it’s very cool. I tested in WP 3 beta and didn’t have any problems. It was really easy to add a flash game through the interface. It, however, creates a new page for each game added and I think a new post would work better – there are going to be A LOT of pages.

  4. Mommy D (3 comments.) says:

    I think I’m gonna have to try the HTML emails…the emails now are so boring and technical. Can’t wait to use it :) Thank you for the great post.

    Mommy D

  5. Uwe (18 comments.) says:

    Waiting for the stable Broken Link Checker, thanks! :)

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