WordPress Plugin Releases for 03/11

March 11th, 2010
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect

You can pop up an image or thumbnail by just clicking on it and it will disappear when you click it again

Titled Comments

Hikari Titled Comments enables each comment to have a title, so that commentators can give a subject meaning to their comments.

Scroll to Top Plugin

Integrate a jQuerry scroll to top control in WordPress manually

Tweet my Script

This plugin watches your Twitter RSS Feed for user-defined “launch codes” to trigger user-defined script URLs.

Dojo Skew Gallery plugin for WordPress

This is a plugin to create a skew photo gallery utilising Dojo Toolkit Ajax.

Updated Plugins

AVH Extended Categories

The AVH Extended Categories Widgets gives you three widgets for displaying categories.

Smarter Navigation

A WordPress plugin that generates previous & next post links based on referrer. Version 1.2 adds a utility for posts in multiple categories.


Extends built-in features of WordPress and combines common plugins into one.

WP ImageTagger

This extensively configurable plugin comes packed with a bunch of features enabling image tagging, including search and image taxonomy.




  1. Fredelig (5 comments.) says:

    Great list, but “Smarter Navigation” is listed twice… ;)

  2. V.C (44 comments.) says:

    I’ve just check the WP-ZoomImage With CopyProtect and SEO Automatic WP_CORE_TWEAKS. The former didn’t display images at all and the latter requires deactivate other plugin to install. What a shame!

  3. Andrew@BloggingGuide (63 comments.) says:

    Titled Comments Plugin. This is worth thinking about? Will commenters want to place titles to their comments? Or is it just an added burden?

    • Kerry Webster (2 comments.) says:

      I agree in theory with this plugin and its implementaion. However, I would like to see a pre-filled comment title of “RE: whatever-the-title-of-the-article-is”, OR “RE: whatever-the-title-of-the-comment-i-am-replying-to-is”, then allow the commenter to remove or change this pre-populated title. ZDNet does it this way and a I love it. I understand the extra burden so if you pre-pop with the RE:title then there is no extra work for the commenter.

      Just a thought.


      • GBG (1 comments.) says:

        Your pre-pop suggestion is spot on, Kerry. This would both achieve the purpose of the title field without affecting visitor experience. Isn’t balancing functionality with visitor experience the goal with every tweak?

        Best to you …

  4. Atniz (17 comments.) says:

    All of the plugins in the list are new for me. I’m going to check one by one and let you know my favorite of all here.

  5. Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

    This is a test

  6. Amit Sharma (1 comments.) says:

    I haven’t used the listed plugins. Will check them.

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