Assortment Of Tips For Consultants

December 17th, 2009

There is no shortage of WordPress consultants to choose from when it comes time to pay for custom development work. If you are aiming towards becoming a WordPress consultant, I encourage you to check out these advanced power tips for template developers written by Jacob Goldman on Jacob does a nice job explaining all sorts of ways consultants can make tailored versions of WordPress. Everything from branding the back-end to modifying the contextual HELP drop-down menu so that it contains information specific to that theme. One of my favorite tips presented in the list is the first one, Customizing the Dashboard Widgets. This enables developers to add a dashboard widget that can contain support, contact and other information. If a custom solution were developed for me, a dashboard widget like this is what I would consider to be a nice touch.

Also on the topic of WordPress and consultants, I had the chance to interview Jacob Goldman in episode 81 of WordPress Weekly. We talked about what it’s like to do consultancy work around WordPress, some of the new features in WordPress 2.9, and his role in WordCamp Boston slated for January 23rd.

If you are a consultant, I’m interested in reading any tips you may have in addition to the ones listed in the article I linked to in order to go above and beyond for your clients.




  1. turisuna (2 comments.) says:

    Become WordPress consultants sounds still far away from my ability, but at least I can use Jacob’s tips to develop my own wordpress blog. Thanks for sharing this valuable tips :)

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