WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/17

December 17th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins

Thesis Style Box

Make Styled Note box, Alert box, Help box, Tip Box, Important Box in your posts using classes for Thesis Users.

Style CommentLuv

Style commentators last blog post as displayed by the CommentLuv plugin. This plugin is also compatible with Thesis.

Add Categories to Menu

If you’re using WordPress as a CMS, you may have set up static pages for both a front page (e.g. “Home”) and a page to list your latest blog posts (e.g. “Blog”). The plugin allows you to add categories as links in a submenu.

Taxonomy List Shortcode

The Taxonomy List Shortcode plugin adds a shortcode to your WordPress installation which enables you to display multiple unordered lists containing every term of a given taxonomy. The list can be displayed in one to 5 columns – custom styles are provided.


With Revisionary in place, the meaning of the “edit_others” capability shifts to grant revision submission rights if the owner lacks the corresponding “edit_published” / “edit_private” capability.

Web Worth Blog Value Calculator

Web Worth Blog Value Calculator is a plug-in that gives you a nice tidy widget to display your blog’s current estimated value in dollars. This information is displayed to you and your visitors to demonstrate just how much hard work you have put into your blog

Enable oEmbed Discovery

Website owners can add a bit of HTML to their head that says where their oEmbed provider is located. This allows consumers such as WordPress to embed things from their website without WordPress specifically knowing about their website before hand.

Updated Plugins


This is a plugin toolkit that helps developers write plugins faster. It consists of several classes which handle common tasks:

Tabbed Widgets

Tabbed interfaces are the most common on newspaper type website where they can save a lot of vertical space and make it look less cluttered.

Online Leaf

Provides an interface with Online Leaf, which helps to reduce the amount of energy required to browse the internet, by making websites greener.

WP Geo

Add geocoding and Google maps to your WordPress blog

All in One Webmaster

The plugin has option to add Google, Bing, Yahoo’s Webmaster and Analytics code. Single click sitemap submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Store Locator

The Google Maps Store Locator Plugin for WordPress empowers web developers & web site owners to easily manage and display any set of important stores, products, or other locations on their website in an easily searchable manner. Uses Google Maps.

Twitter Goodies

Twitter style Twitter Goodies Profile Widget + Twitter Goodies Search Widget + Twitter Integration (wp to twitter) plugin. All in One plugin for Twitter Goodies.




  1. Rebecca Gill says:

    I use the tabbed widgets on some client sites and love it. Tabs help streamline the user experience and shape their paths into meaningful interactions.

  2. Matt Algren (3 comments.) says:

    Rather than using Kaspers’ tabbed widget plugin (and then optionally paying for him to write a bit of css), I’d suggest using Newton Horta’s sidebarTabs plugin. It supports vertical or horizontal tabs and has many options, including different tab rounded and angled corners, line color, fill color, text color, font type, tab height, and has some preset icons included.

  3. freezonal (1 comments.) says:

    Thesis Style Box is a good plugin for thesis unstalled wp blog. If you don’t have thesis still you can use style box which is available for other wp theme installed blogs and can be download at

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