WordPress Plugin Releases for 05/27

May 27th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


A WordPress plug-in that converts existing affiliate links into a list of book resources: Amazon, Powells, and IndieBound affiliate links, WorldCat library searches, and LibraryThing book pages.

Link Harvest

This plugin will go through all of your posts and pages and compile a list of all external links. Then it will create a linkroll for you based on your actual linking activity.

Best Post Page

Best Post Page is a WordPress plugin, that utilizes optimization algorithms to chose the best posts based on criteria such as views and comments. This plugin automatically generates a page called ‘Best of Posts’ that displays the top 10 posts from your blog. The list of the best posts is automatically recalculated. All you have to do is download and activate the plugin.

Google Analytics Stats Deluxe Link removed due to it being paid

A big step up from the Standard Version of Google Analytics Stats. Google Analytics Stats Deluxe includes all the features of Google Analytics Stats and more


Sends status updates to every time you publish a post. Using for the permalinks ( and accounts required). So this way you can send status to many sites at once if you have a account.

Updated Plugins

Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers

Allows users to notify unconfirmed email subscribers in their Feedburner account

Ajax Login Pro Link removed due to it being paid

iRedlof Ajax Login Pro adds a beautiful Javascript loaded Top Panel on your wordpress blog to let your site users :

Google Analytics Stats

A dashboard plugin with an admin interface to configure the 3 parameters that are required

GD Press Tools

GD Press Tools is a collection of various additional administration tools. This tools can be integrated into the various WordPress admin panels, can perform maintenance operations, chanage some aspects of WordPress. Bellow you can find the detailed list of features and plugin version when the feature is added.

Shortcut Macros

Shortcut Macros allows you to define letter combinations that will expand to longer words, URLs, phrases, etc.




  1. Nathan Rice (18 comments.) says:

    Not that I care, it’s only $5.00, but the Google Analytics plugin listed above isn’t free.

  2. ovidiu says:

    yeah, right, just noticed myself and the ajax login panel above has to be bought too. I know for a fact, that a couple of days ago that plugin was for free.

    weird, the same plugin is available for free on the wordpress plugin page:

    and there is no explanation what the difference between simple and pro are..

  3. the_guv (2 comments.) says:

    cheers Perurry,

    another useful list

    gonna be trying out the Best Post Page plugin, for sure.

  4. Perurry (24 comments.) says:

    @the_guv, thank you :)

    @Nathan and ovidiu, I’ve knocked of the links. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:


    the BookLinker looks cool, will have to try it out and see if it is for me.

  6. Ovidiu (6 comments.) says:

    I’m getting the new comment notifications from this post twice. Does that only happen to me?


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  2. WordPressYes (WordPress Yes!) (94 comments.) says:

    WordPress Plugin Releases for 05/27: New Plugins BookLinker A WordPress plug-in that converts existing affiliate..

  3. ashwanibhasin (Ashwani Bhasin) (3 comments.) says:

    WordPress Plugin Releases for 05/27 | Weblog Tools Collection

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