WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/27

December 27th, 2009
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


Automatically insert HDLNS headlines as a widget using the post date.

Strip Ad

Add a Strip Ad above the header to your blog.

Code Comments

Automatically Escape HTML Entities of Code Fragments in Comments

Updated Plugins

Top 10

Count page views on posts and display a list of top posts by page views.

Contextual Related Posts

Display a list of contextually related posts for the current post. You can select the number of posts to display and if you want to automatically display the related posts in your content / feed.

Where did they go from here?

This plugin will show “Readers who viewed this page, also viewed” links on your page. This is similar to Amazon’s product pages which state “Readers who have bought this, also bought”

WP-Table Reloaded

This plugin enables you to create and manage tables in the admin-area of WordPress. You can then show them in your posts, on your pages or in text widgets by using a shortcode. WordPress Plugin (WCCWPPI)

The WordPress Plugin (WCCWPPI) is a free plugin that allows you to display Most Popular eBay items and auctions in real-time, directly on your blog. You can also display eBay items from any particular seller.

Shout Stream

Shout Stream plugin aims to be the bridge of your wordpress and your stream (shoutcast or icecast).




  1. Chris (29 comments.) says:

    I’m seeing an update for the Wickett Twitter Widget (an Automattic plugin) on my dashboard. Does anyone know what changed? It seems no one updated the changelog.

  2. saad (3 comments.) says:

    strip ad doesn’t support my theme :( , the theme gets messed up , i thought premuim themes would support all the plugins..

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