WordPress Plugin Releases for 2/27

February 27th, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

WP Plugin Uploader lets you upload plugins to your blog.

WP-ExternalFeed displays links from, Technorati and Reddit that is relevant to the current category of your blog.

WordPress Shop creates a fully featured shopping cart that currently allows paypal as a payment provider.

Link Harvest is a WordPress plugin that uses the content in your posts and pages to build a links list for you, based on the sites you actually link to.

SocialList is a WordPress plugin that adds a page to your admin area allowing you to view details on submissions of your pages to social bookmarking sites.




  1. ttancm (34 comments.) says:

    Sorry, where on the page linked for “WordPress Shop” is there a plugin? Is this another plugin that is for sale?

    If so I’d appreciate it if you could note in the links when a plugin isn’t free =)

  2. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    ttancm, I have corrected the link. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. christine (5 comments.) says:

    Hi Ajay… I’m hoping you could help me with something.

    Before I upgraded to WordPress Ella, I used a plugin called Easy Image Upload. It created a quicktag on the editor and made it VERY simple to add an image to a post. However, after the upgrade, the plugin no longer works and I really dislike using the included image system of Ella.

    Unfortunately, the developer no longer seems to be updating that particular plugin. It’s probably a very simple quicktag code, but I don’t know how to do it myself. Would you please ask the WordPress community if anyone would be willing to recreate this plugin for me and others who relied on it? I’d appreciate it very much!

  4. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Hi Christine,

    Actually the quicktag code for the WYSIWYG is a lot more complicated than what it appears. However, the new WYSIWYG code tab works really well. I’ll take a look at the plugin personally to see what I can do.

    Regarding the request to the Community, Mark has started a Wishlist section out here at WLTC. I’ve pointed him to this comment, but it would be great if you could write in to him as well.

  5. christine (5 comments.) says:

    Thanks so much Ajay! I’ll post my request in Mark’s section as well. I really appreciate your help. :)


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