Blogging and WordPress Links for 4/23/09


How To Blog Anonymously And Maintain Control Of Your Personal Privacy.: Robin Good puts together a nice writeup on how and why to blog anonymously. If you do not have Robin on your reading list, he should be. I like his general writing style and his visual clues.

10 Exceptional WordPress hacks from Smashing Magazine.: Smashing Magazine has another list of nice hacks for WordPress including resizing images on the fly and automatically including the first image in your posts for your home page. These lists amaze me. Some of the more popular design sites and larger blog houses such as Smashing Magazine and Mashable have become very adept at using lists to link bait. These lists tend to get Dugg very heavily and bring in a lot of traffic for them. I still cannot look away from a good list about WordPress!

3 tools to track and defeat content theft lists three tools available to counteract content theft from your blog. This has become even more of an issue of late with the economy in the lurch, more people are jumping on the blogging bandwagon looking to make some extra money and might not be aware of copyright and Intellectual Property laws. The last tool listed is Tynt Tracer and I have been uysing it for a while. Tracer tracks and lists all the browser actions performed by visitors such as selecting and copying text and then uses Javascript to add a small link back to the original content if it is pasted onto another webpage somewhere. This method of tracking information copying is not really very effective, especially in this automated world of scrapers. While the information provided is interesting, it turns out to be a little useless if your content is not ruled by the lure of SEO but by your desire to just write and disseminate information. I still find myself checking back with the Tynt admin interface once in a while to see which topics seem to be more Search Engine popular this week.

20 Law related questions every blogger should know: Jonathan Bailey puts together the answers to a list of 20 Law related questions for bloggers for the topics of Copyright, Defamation and Trademark. Again, this is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered as legal advice. This is also based on US Law.




  1. Derek Ball (1 comments.) says:

    Thanks Mark for the mention of Tynt Tracer! As you point out,we aren’t focused so much on content theft specifically — but instead we focus on how the content publisher can benefit when the ‘casual innocent infringer’ copies and spreads your content through email or other ways, specifically by drawing in new traffic and improving SEO.

    We’ve been getting great feedback from all our Beta testers about how to show the information that we have in a way that is more actionable — so the dashboard is getting a major rewrite as we speak. We are learning fast and really appreciate our Beta testers like yourself who will share your opinions. :)

    Watch for those changes in the near future, and please do let us know what you think of them at feedback[at]!

    CEO at Tynt

  2. George Serradinho (107 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the links – I am going to read the last point about the 20 law related questions.

  3. Obed Cutaran of AloofKid dot com (3 comments.) says:

    20 Law related questions every blogger should know article is great and a must read to all bloggers out there :)


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    [planet wordpress]: Weblog Tools Collection: Blogging and WordPress Links for 4/23/09: How To..

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    Blogging and WordPress Links for 4/23/09: How To Blog Anonymously And Maintain Control Of Your Personal Privacy…

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    Blogging and WordPress Links for 4/23/09 | Weblog Tools Collection

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    Blogging and WordPress Links for 4/23/09

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