10 Useful RSS Tricks and Hacks For WordPress

December 9th, 2008
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10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress: A quick link to a set of tools, tips and tricks aimed towards offering a more personalized RSS feed for your WordPress blog from Smashing Magazine. Some of these have been hashed in the past but a few caught my attention including the hack that makes it very easy to display a feed from another blog with next to nothing in code or the one to “cleanly” get rid of RSS feeds from a WordPress blog.




  1. Mikael Rieck says:

    I’m constantly amazed by the lists that Smashing Magazine puts out. Most of it is really valuable stuff. I haven’t had time to look closely at the RSS article you mention but maybe I should find the time.

  2. ardi (4 comments.) says:

    Are you kidding?? You wrote about How to Hacks WordPress??

  3. Otto (215 comments.) says:

    It does have some useful tricks, but some of them seem slightly unnecessary. The FeedBurner redirection has a plugin to do just that sort of thing. The class thing for images simply does not work, since most feed readers don’t read CSS files. And many of the other have plugins for them as well, like the disable feed one and the category exclusion one.

    Just seems like pointing people to plugins would be more useful.

  4. Galwin (1 comments.) says:

    It’s quite nice and easy. Great!

  5. Glass Voice (2 comments.) says:


    I tend to agree with your points, particularly about pointing people towards plugins. “Hacks” can be very valuable but all it takes is an update to break them.

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