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Blogging and WordPress Links for 4/23/09


How To Blog Anonymously And Maintain Control Of Your Personal Privacy.: Robin Good puts together a nice writeup on how and why to blog anonymously. If you do not have Robin on your reading list, he should be. I like his general writing style and his visual clues. 10 Exceptional WordPress hacks from Smashing Magazine.: Smashing Magazine has another list of nice hacks for WordPress including resizing images on the fly and automatically including the first image in your posts for your home page. These lists amaze me. Some of the more popular design sites and larger blog houses such as Smashing Magazine and Mashable have become very adept at using lists to link bait. These lists tend to get Dugg very heavily and bring in a lot of traffic for them. I still cannot look away from a good list about WordPress! 3 tools to track and defeat content […]

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