WordPress Theme Releases for 11/28


Journalized v2


Journalized is a one, two or three column theme available in six different themes, with threaded and paged comments with an administration interface.



It’s a 5 Column (main content, 2 sidebars and 2 top sections), widget-ready fixed width theme in soothing Creme and Brown colors featuring an author box, author info page, gravatars and with Custom Archives, Sitemap and full width No Sidebars page templates.



Fixed width, three columns, widget ready theme

Weblog Magazine Theme


Widget ready, three columns, fixed width theme with adsense / advert ready areas which are easily edited for ease of use and monetization. Available in 10 colors.




  1. Lyndi (2 comments.) says:

    The Wasteland looks very interesting. Just how many sidebars and columns can actually be stuck on a single page. My guess would be that soon we will have horizontal scrolling sites again.

    • Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog (1 comments.) says:

      4 or 5 verticals isn’t a bad choice for a home page in a magazine style where you want a lot of information snippets presented, I use 4 for my home page. For chronological blog or archival pages you only should have 2 vertical sections, 1 contextual and 1 with ads and the navigational structure which can at various places be split into two columns.

      There are sites that do scroll horizontally and they are usually horrid floating designs which spread out across wide screen monitors with impossible navigation.

  2. ardi (4 comments.) says:

    All themes look nice. I confuse to choose them. But, i want to ask you. Is my PR will drop if i change my theme?

    • Brad Hart @ A DoFollow Blog (1 comments.) says:

      Your PR will not drop from changing themes unless your theme interferes with Google actually reading your site. Adding things like PPP tracking code to your theme will almost certainly cause your PR to take a hit, but not just normal theme changing.

      While changing your theme won’t drop your theme if you use a really well designed theme that takes advantage of lots of good SEO tricks you stand a better chance of raising your sites PR.

      If you take a look at my site for example it is a highly modified version of a new Revolution theme. It makes use of my keywords in the only H1 tag on the page and it dynamically adds them to the post title as you navigate the pages. I have added a theme based feature that changes post tags into meta keywords. I changed the theme so every category, tag, and author page has its own visible RSS feed. Every post has a feed for the site and the post comments. These are just little things you can do to tweak a theme for better PR potential.

  3. Team Nirvana (1 comments.) says:

    These are an excellent collection of themes I have come across.

    What makes them so splendid to me is that I am trying on new layouts for my blog and these 3 column structures are the most vital to me.

    Thanks for sharing these.

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