WordPress Plugin Releases for 07/08

July 8th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Role Scoper

Role Scoper is a comprehensive drop-in replacement for capability enforcement and administration in WordPress. Assign reading, editing or administration roles to users or groups on a page-specific, category-specific or other content-specific basis.

wpSEO [EDIT] Link removed since it is a paid plugin.

The wpSEO plugin helps you optimize your blog for SEO purposes by eliminating issues with duplicate content and specifying meta tags and page titles for the different pages of your blog. Page is in German. English and German files are included in the download

Related Posts by Categories für WordPress

The Plugin looks for related posts from the same categories as the current article. With numerous customization of the call to function. Page in German




  1. Bill Gram-Reefer (2 comments.) says:

    wpSEO looks like you have to pay for download and since doc and description is in german maybe they could post readme from english download version so you know what you are getting into?

  2. gestroud (1 comments.) says:

    WPSeo is free to download, but it looks like the link is broken. I keep getting an error message in German. Translated:
    “Error arisen Opps! The entered serial number or the version number of the Plugins is not valid or empty. Please start with the input of the license key again.”

  3. Bob says:

    wpSEO is not free. It’s a commercial product. Cost a minimum of 20 Euro.

  4. Make money (1 comments.) says:

    Can you please tell, how wpseo is different from all-in-one SEO ?
    is there any need for that if AIO SEO is already there ?

  5. ChaosKaizer (1 comments.) says:

    for those eager to read wpseo in english try google translate

    WPSEO is a very decent seo package, I recommend it. I’ve been using this plugin for almost a year. Its has support for various meta tag (title,desc,robots,keywords), build in intelligent keywords search for certain html tag then append it as keywords and lots of settings. You can also export your configurations settings to xml file for backup purpose. That’s fairly the good part of it.

    The not so goody part, it has a build in “updater”. I think its bad ideas, having a script remotely send packet to another untrusted server for update without the client permission. IMO its a security threat (information leak). I drop lots of plugins because of that reason alone.

  6. Chetan (13 comments.) says:

    I am already using all in one seo pack plugin and don’t think i should move over to WPseo

  7. Stephen Cronin (30 comments.) says:

    I agree with Chetan – WPseo would have to have something remarkable to make me swap from All In One, which is a fantastic plugin.

  8. gestroud says:

    You’re absolutely right about wpseo being paid. I apologize for my misstatement. I should have translated the page before I spoke.

  9. Kristian (2 comments.) says:

    Im also using all in one Seo, and it works just like a charm. Would never change!

    btw: thanks for the role scoper plugin link. Looks interesting

  10. Zoekmachine optimalisatie says:

    I really don’t see the use for wpSEO if you already use All-in-One SEO pack, so I’ll have to agree with the previous posters.

  11. Andy Beard (25 comments.) says:

    Most people who use complex “All In One” SEO plugins mess up their SEO because they don’t actually understand what they are doing.
    It is not the fault of the plugins, those are just tools, but you shouldn’t give razorblades to babies either.

    WPseo looks usable, and at least one feature is very sought after.

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