WordPress Plugin Releases for 12/16

December 16th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

New Plugins


This plugin takes the pain out of adding another field to your comment form for users to enter their twitter username to be displayed as a link to follow them via their twitter page.

Media Tags

With this plugin you can now add tags to your media attachments. You can tag Word document, PDF documents basically anything you upload via the standard WordPress Media upload tool.


Automatically, cross-posting to associated site/blog to enabling the post-via-email option with PIN code e.g.,, blogspot.

Hackadelic Sliding Notes

Ajax sliders for content fragments. Fancy replacement for foot- and other notes.


This plugin allows a WordPress Site Admin to enter locations of stores etc into the db. The user can then search for the closest location.

Facebook Posted Items

This plugin fetches posted items from Facebook and displays them in an unordered list with proper links and comments.

Updated Plugins

Sensitive Tag Cloud

This WordPress plugin provides a configurable tag cloud that shows tags depending of the current context only.


This WordPress plugin provides multiple options to show the via tags related posts of a post. It contains a sidebar widget that is only visible when viewing a single post and displays a list of posts that are related with the current post via the tags.


The wpSEO plugin helps you to optimize your blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes by eliminating issues with duplicate content and specifying meta tags and page titles for the different pages of your blog. You can also specify your meta tags and page titles manually.

GD Star Rating

GD Star Rating is post, page and comment rating plugin for WordPress. Plugin supports different image sets, rating moderation, vote rules, time restricted voting, templates, trend calculations, has a widgets build in and shortcode support.

Smooth Scrolling Links

This plug in uses the JavaScript provided by Stuart Langridge called Smooth scroll, which effectively adds a special effect to your “self” links. Self links means the links which are targeting to the same page with various locations like top, bottom or specific in page links.


Moodlight allows your visitors to add their mood on posts via comments.

Simple Google Sitemap

Creates an XML Sitemap, containing Homepage, Articles and Pages




  1. Shawn (2 comments.) says:

    I am still confused on how to properly setup the Google sitemap,once the plug in is enabled in my wp-dashboard

  2. MichaelH says:

    Sensitive Tag Cloud and RelatedPosts will not install using the WordPress 2.7 Install a plugin in .zip format feature.

  3. Otto (215 comments.) says:

    I like the idea of the WP-Twitip-ID, but why bother adding a form? Twitter’s API lets you actually look up users by their email address, and get their Twitter account name. Okay, so it’s limited to 200 requests per hour, but with some caching of this info, you don’t even need a new form field.

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