WordPress Theme Releases For 6/26


One Column Theme

Grunge Superstar


Grunge Superstar is a simple one column theme. The theme uses dark colors and you can add in additional information in the footer area.



Linquist is a simple one column theme which can be used to display portfolios. The theme comes in light and dark styles and has built-in lightbox and gravatar support.

Two Column Themes



Brightness is a magazine style 2 column widget-ready theme. You can control the layout of the theme using settings in the Admin Panel.

WP Pixels


WP Pixels is a two column widget-ready theme. The home page has no sidebars and uses loops for three different categories.

Three Column Themes

Voodoo Empire


Voodoo Empire is a three column widget ready theme. The theme makes use of dark colors. Both the sidebars are to the right of the content.

Elements of SEO


Elements of SEO is a 3 column widget-ready theme. The theme has two sidebars to the right of the content.




  1. John Kolbert (23 comments.) says:

    Great themes this time! WP Pixels looks especially good!

  2. Dave Miers (2 comments.) says:

    your showcases just keep getting better!

  3. Tan The Man (37 comments.) says:

    Ditto… great themes

  4. Meg (1 comments.) says:

    nice set of themes.

  5. Martin (1 comments.) says:

    nice! thanks for these.

  6. Chris (26 comments.) says:

    Linquist is great for a photo blog, simple and well-executed. I like WP-Pixels too.

  7. ArtHack (1 comments.) says:

    I like the third theme

  8. Pras (2 comments.) says:

    Brightness theme is cool. It looks very professional.

  9. Monika (40 comments.) says:

    I’ve tested WPPixels

    first it is not valid, so I search for the false entity and found more than one notices to the author:

    header.php meta tag and the language english is hardcoded.

    every featured image has an alt attribut with “”

    and two links:one to the author one to an other website

    so I ask: is this ok for weblogtoolscellection if someone features two websites in a wp theme?

    i.e I create a theme with two links one to and one to both my domains??

    kindly regards

  10. oscar (1 comments.) says:

    Brightness is very cool

  11. Danny (5 comments.) says:

    Not bad.

  12. Peter From (1 comments.) says:

    @ Monika: Feel free to post hints what is not valid in my latest theme WP Pixels and I´d be happy to try to sort things out for you.

    The image alt-attribute can be freely changed to whatever you wish. What about the image title?

    The links in question are: 1), which is my netzine on things around WordPress 2), which is my business and therefore the moneyman for the free themes that I put out.

    Lastly: If you do not like my themes, don´t use them. I have nothing against constructive criticism, but whining turns me off! I make no money on my free themes, but I beleive I have the right to put my mark on my themes; those marks being my business and my webzine.

  13. Chetan (13 comments.) says:

    Elements of SEO is a new theme?
    I have seen it many times before in many blogs.

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