WordPress Theme Releases for 12/20


Cubismo is a 2-column theme that allows for individual page descriptions.

Fluid Yellow Black is a 3-column, dark theme with a professional look.

Riva is a 3-column theme with built-in recent comments and related posts.

Weblogger is a simple, 3-column theme built with Adsense readiness.

Whitespace Nation is a 2-column, minimalistic theme with dark colors.

Willy the Cat is a 2-column theme with a stylish layout.




  1. Tyler @ Building Camelot (7 comments.) says:

    Some pretty nice themes. Fluid Yellow Black is the best of the bunch. It has a great look.


  2. Tadd (89 comments.) says:

    Cubismo is kinda cool – though the plaid makes me want to hear bagpipes and watch Braveheart … FREEEDOM!

    Fluid Yellow and Black is VERY smooth. Would look great for a cNet style tech blog … just a though.

    Riva is nice, though not my cup of tea – very slim content area.

    Weblogger isn’t anything all that special. Very basic feeling.

    Whitespace Nation is an uber light weight theme. Very clean, though perhaps too clean from some people. I can imagine it is an easily customized skin for people who know what they’re doing.

    Willy the Cat … I’ll pass on my thoughts.

    Those are my ideas on these themes. Though who am I to talk? I use a bland ol’ K2


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