WordPress Theme Releases for 5/16


2 Column Themes



Wallpaper is a simple fixed-width, 2 column widget-ready theme with a right sidebar. The theme has a blue header and the rest of the body has a white background.

In the Rough


In The Rough is a two column widget-ready theme with a simple and grungy look. It’s comes with color options of Pink, Red, Green, Orange and Blue. There is also a print.css for better printing.

Unstandard Remix


Unstandard Remix is a two column widget-ready theme. The theme makes heavier use of transparencies and woodgrain finishes.

Rebel Magazine


Rebel Magazine is a widget-ready, 2 columns theme with banner ad integration. The theme sports the look of a magazine and can be used by news blogs.

3 Column Themes

Blue Blog


Blue Blog is a 3 Column which contains 2 widget-ready sidebar, custom templates, integrated pulgins and social networking integration for Digg, delicious and Stumbleupon for post submission.


Theme removed due to violation of copyrights





  1. The Bloggers Times says:

    Blue Blog is damn good. Downloaded. Thank you.

  2. WebTager (18 comments.) says:

    Thanks I’ll take it all!

  3. ChiQ Montes (4 comments.) says:

    Thanks for featuring “Rebel Magazine Theme” unfortunately it does not have a screenshot :(

  4. Throx (7 comments.) says:

    Liberty theme is a good 3 column theme

  5. chaoskaizer (62 comments.) says:

    lots of funky & experimental themes.

  6. Mosey says:

    I’m a big fan of ‘Blue Blog’! :)

    Thank you for the great selection this week!

  7. Sadish (1 comments.) says:

    Liberty theme is just a copy of my Seashore theme found at


  8. Keith Dsouza (82 comments.) says:

    Thanks for point out the oversight Chiq, post updated with thumbnail for Rebel Magazine

  9. kailoon (2 comments.) says:

    thanks for the comment and interest of blue-blog. your feedback is the best motivation for me. thanks!

  10. Mike Robinson (3 comments.) says:

    Thank you very much for featuring “In The Rough”. My site was down, for relaunch, at the time of posting but it’s now live. :)

  11. Srik says:

    Sadish the demo of your seashore theme is not working, the corporate theme featured in 5/12 isn’t removed yet, so i guess don’t expect this one to be removed either…. looks like these guys aren’t against rip off artists

  12. Sadish (2 comments.) says:

    Thanks Srik.
    people can go to
    and test run from that page.

    Its very disheartening and discouraging to see such a blunt ripoffs.

  13. Mark Ghosh (386 comments.) says:

    Sadish: Although the theme appears familiar, I do not see the resemblance between SeaShore and Liberty. I might be missing it completely. That being said, we respect your copyright complaints and will remove the listing as soon as we can place the original theme that was copied.

  14. G says:

    I check both sites as well. they are similar…but I wouldn’t call it a ripoff.

  15. Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

    While both themes are not exactly the same, I can certainly see where the inspiration for some of the elements found within the liberty theme came from. I don’t think it was an exact rip, I think more or less it’s a different flavor of the same type of theme.

  16. Srik says:

    Replacing the triangles with stars and removing the spacing between header/body/footer and changing the colors of the elements doesn’t make it original. You guys have set yourself high standards in the wordpress community and it is expected of you guys to support the original hardworking theme authors and not the fake/rip off artists…

    having said that, its entirely upto you if you want to continue living up to the high standards you have set yourself :)
    good job removing the corporate theme

  17. Srik says:

    isn’t it sponsored theme anyway?

    “designed by Gazelle Creative for Conservablogs”

    man you guys are seriously dropping the ball

  18. Srik says:

    releasing a rip off with sponsored links, i hope thats the lowest you can go and not anymore

  19. chaoskaizer (62 comments.) says:

    I think liberty theme has too much to inspire from sadish’s seashore theme, even the css is quite similar.

    I don’t think it was an exact rip, I think more or less it’s a different flavor of the same type of theme” ~jeff

    Well, if “different flavor of the same type of theme” continue or there is more “different flavor of the same type of theme” release. I would feel sad. Its quite discouraging for theme designer. no food

  20. Zacky (1 comments.) says:

    This is a cool theme and it’s just what I am looking for.

    Thanks and keep up the good work mate.


  21. Jane says:

    Actually, I was just about to write Sadish and tell him his Seashore theme was being used for Liberty. As a user, I can change colors and certain elements of a theme, too, but that hardly makes me a designer, and I am amazed that “conservablogs” had the gall to rip Sadish off and call it their own design. WP should, now that they’ve been informed, immediately take action.

  22. leeleaf (4 comments.) says:

    thank you! thety’re all pretty good

  23. Michelle (5 comments.) says:

    Seems to me that certain commenters only come here to complain – loudly and often – about how this site is run. Either offer to help out, o r go away and make your own site.

    Thanks, guys, for all you do for the WP community.

  24. Len says:

    I don’t normally like to get involved in these types of disputes but…

    Take a close look at both css files – they are virtually identical. Also have a look at the raw html by viewing source code – note the odd similarities of the DIV ids.

    I understand that it’s very difficult coming up with something totally original and that many if not most themes are merely knockoffs of others but this appears to be more than that. If nothing else the creator should have at least mentioned the theme was based on Seashore by Sadish.

  25. Mosey says:

    Having had a quick look through the CSS, I’m going to have to agree that the two themes (Seashore and Liberty) are really a bit too similar for Liberty (which I presume was developed later) to be really coded from the ground up, as claimed by the developer of Liberty. The changes to the CSS (as they seem to be) is what I think one would expect from someone who had downloaded the theme and modified it to suit their own site. It’s definitely not something that one should release freely without a nod in the direction of Seashore.

    Surprisingly this debate hasn’t generated the masses of comments that spawned from the ‘JT’ and ‘BG’ theme issue. I wonder why?

    As to how this site is run: I believe WLTC gives every developer the benefit of the doubt when it highlights new themes on this site, and it is only through comments from avid WP users that any ‘inappropriate’ activity is highlighted. The fire should instead be directed towards those who have abused this trust.

  26. Nathan Rice (18 comments.) says:

    The themes are nearly identical, not similar. That being said, the GPL (which I assume SeaShore was released under since there is no license attached and themes usually inherit the GPL from the default theme) requires attribution in the source of the original author. If he had sourced Sadish, he would have been fine.

    He didn’t, therefore he violated the GPL. I recommend removing the theme immediately.

    And for those of you who complain about the few themes that get missed, please shut up. If the expectation is that each and ever free theme that is highlighted here be scrutinized against every other free theme that was ever released, then feel free to volunteer. Here in the real world, there have been thousands of free themes released, and no single person can be expected to be able to see the similarities at a glance.

    So kindly keep your attitude to yourself and go complain to someone who cares to listen.

  27. Ryan (55 comments.) says:

    If no copyright license is provided, then by default the copyright is owned by the original designer. I doubt Sadish would have used any code from the WP default theme, so the copyright is presumably owned by him and is not covered by GPL.

    I’ve left a question about this on Sadish’s site, hopefully he’ll reply back with more information shortly.

  28. Len says:

    Good point Nathan. WTL is an invaluable resource for all things WordPress and hurtling insults and cheap shots serves no purpose at all.

  29. Nathan Rice (18 comments.) says:

    I think I may have mis-stated the terms of the GPL before. It appears that attribution isn’t necessarily required.

    But it is implied in section 5:
    “The work must carry prominent notices stating that you modified it, and giving a relevant date.”

    Also, section 8 says:
    “[the original author] may … supplement the terms of this License with terms … Prohibiting misrepresentation of the origin of that material”

    The theme still violates the GPL as best I can tell. However, I don’t believe Eric is responsible for this. It seems as if he was lead to believe that the company he paid to develop the theme, Gazelle Creative, neglected to mention that they ripped off the code from Sadish. Unfortunately for them, and Eric, they violated the “copyleft” agreement.

    My suggestion stands. This theme needs to be removed, and the company, Gazelle Creative, needs to be outed for passing off an illegal copy of software as their own original work.

    And past the legal implications, morally, they tried to sell software they did not write. That’s pretty low. Do with that information what you will.

  30. Keith Dsouza (82 comments.) says:

    Thanks everyone for your active suggestions and help, I have removed the theme from the announcement post. We would really appreciate all your help in future to be fair and give due credit for theme and plugin authors.

    As a additional rule we will not announce themes in WLTC which do not sport a GPL License or a in a violation to them.

  31. Srik says:

    Dear Michealle,

    We contribute to wp community more than you do, you just come download the wp and the themes and use them, we create the themes, when scum of the internet rips off our work, we defend each other.

    So stop whining about us defending our work.

  32. Srik says:


    No we don’t expect them to know all the free themes and not to make mistakes while making the post. But when they receive the complaints, we expect them to act.

    They did not remove the offending theme in the last release till i made a comment about it in this release, they even certified liberty as an original when it is not.

    but then you don’t know all that before asking me to shut up did you? maybe you shd.

    but thanks for your stand against the rip off’s

  33. Srik says:


    No they are not cheap shots, they are the “facts”
    They featured a sponsored theme, They have no idea how to tell if a theme is a rip off.

  34. Nathan Rice (18 comments.) says:

    “But when they receive the complaints, we expect them to act.”
    Fair enough. But the attitude is still unnecessary. You need to cool it. Your comments make you seem like a jerk. Most people can figure out a way to say things respectfully. Just a suggestion.

  35. Srik says:


    You tend to loose respect if they don’t act, which reflects in your attitude.

    you can say things like cool it etc when you are not ripped off, i am sure you won’t when you are on the receiving end :)

  36. Mosey says:

    I’m just a small potato, but seriously, Srik, with all due respect for your dedication to WP/stance against rip-offs, it is difficult to *not* find the multiple (brash) comments a little over the top I’m afraid.

    With regards to calmness when one’s own work is ripped off: there are two excellent articles (WP-related, can you believe it?) which I really like. One is by (which other?) entitled “Price of Freedom” and the other (response post) entitled ‘Turning the other cheek’ is by Mark Ghosh, available: http://weblogtoolscollection.c.....her-cheek/

    Just because of one or two mistakes doesn’t mean that one should completely write-off a site. Who hasn’t made mistakes before in the blogging world especially?

  37. Srik says:

    Mosey, well like i said you all will say anything until you are at the receiving end… and like i said its not about making the mistakes, its about correcting them…

  38. Ryan (55 comments.) says:

    Srik – People are allowed to make mistakes. You should be attacking those who steal themes, not those who inadvertently promote them.

  39. Mosey says:

    @Srik: I never said I’ve never been on the receiving end of rip-offs, although in my case, they weren’t WordPress themes/plugins, but some graphics and written work online. :)

    I’m pretty sure it would be safe to say that most people will have experienced a case of copy-cat at some point, but personally I found those two articles very helpful in changing the way I think about how to deal with such incidents. i.e. I still experience the inital ‘omg, how could you *anger* rah grr-ness’ but then I think about what I can do to make my work even better.

  40. Michelle (5 comments.) says:

    @ Srik : My comment still stands – if you don’t like the way this site is run, go away and create your own. You seem to have all the answers, go apply your knowledge elsewhere. You can defend your themes without being a jerk to the people who run this site. Are you reading the comments here? Sensing a theme?.

  41. srik says:


    why will i go away instead of fighting for my themes from being ripped off? who cares about what other passerby’s think about me? this site did not remove the offending theme even after providing proof for over a week, where the where you then?

    your opinion is irrelevant, nobody’s opinion is relevant, the facts speak for them self.

    respect depends on your actions, if they would act on ripoff reports, i wouldn’t have disrespected them, but a little disrespect made them up their work, thats my contribution to the site, whats yours? making useless comments?

  42. Jeff Chandler (295 comments.) says:

    Well, after some investigative work, you can see that Keith has removed the thumbnail and link to the Liberty theme. I believe the discussion of it being a rip off should take place on and by the way, notice the date on that post, Feb 20th LOL.

  43. Michelle (5 comments.) says:

    @Srik – It is not WLTC’s fault that your themes are being ripped off. If that’s your big concern, you need to be going after the people who are actually copying your themes. WLTC has nothing to do with that.

    If you think this common sense approach to solving the problem is “irrelevant,” then you need more help than WLTC and the WP community can provide you.

  44. srik says:

    you obviously are clueless, no point in arguing with you

  45. Michelle (5 comments.) says:

    Not as clueless as you think, I’ve understood most of what you’ve written. But you are totally IGNORING every time someone tells you that you need to take your grievances over this theme theft to the people who are stealing your themes. WLTC has removed the stolen themes, so quit being a jerk to them. It’s a simple concept but it’s appparently 52 million miles over your head.

  46. srik says:


    I have stopped talking about wltc after comment19, they have removed the offending themes etc.

    Since then i have been defending myself from useless comments like yours, read it all again if you care.

    And yes, i took it up with people who ripped off my themes and anyone who promotes those scumbags.

    wltc made a mistake, i pointed out and they fixed it, what exactly is your problem here? if they are offended with my tone they can talk to me, you and your friends can shut up.

  47. Michelle (5 comments.) says:

    @Srik I don’t know anyone else here. And since more than one person has pointed out that your tone/attitude are unneccessary, maybe you should follow your own advice.

    Especially since I thought you were done arguing with me? ;)

  48. srik says:

    done done done :)

  49. Mosey says:

    Well said, Jeff! :)

    @Michelle: Alas I don’t know where a certain someone’s themes/plugins are at the moment (maybe because I am a small potato and am ignorant about certain issues) although clearly from their pov, he/she must be some ‘hot shot big name’ that contributes tonnes towards the WP community. Ah well…

    p/s: And with regards to friends? I quote from a certain comment #33:

    …we defend each other.

    Double standards, evidently.

  50. Nathan Rice (18 comments.) says:

    SP, is that you???

  51. Mosey says:

    @Nathan Rice: Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not *the* SP. Apologies!

  52. srik says:


    Double standards? Its more of better utilization on my available resources.

    Distribution sites like wltc is more likely to act on complaints than those ripoff artist sites, no distribution = no ripoff’s

    and yes i have released many themes for wordpress and no i don’t want you ungreatfull people using my themes so don’t ask which ones.

  53. kailoon (2 comments.) says:

    wow … is it going to be a war? relax :) I understand that the feeling of being rip off. I will just think in this way, people copy my work because of the quality of it :)

    forgiveness a kind of brave attitude.

    Just my 2cents :) Have a nice day!

  54. xiaomo (2 comments.) says:

    I like the first and the last one~


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