WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/6

March 6th, 2008
WordPress Plugins

Stats Helper Functions And Widgets
It helps you retrieve data from stats and puts it on your blog.

Release Page | Download

SEO Image
This plugin will optimize images in all your posts for SEO which will positively affect your image search results resulting in more traffic to your blog.

Release Page | Download

Shows currency values to readers in their local currency (in brackets after the original value). For example: If the site’s currency is Chinese yuan and the post contains 10 yuan, a user from Australia will see 10 yuan (AUD$1.53), while a user from US will see 10 yuan (USD$1.39).

Release Page | Download

Organize Series Plugin 2.0
OrgSeries 2.0 takes the “organize” in Organize Series to a whole new level.

Release Page | Download

The Devowelizer plugin for WordPress replaces the vowels in most “bad language” within your own content and within comments left by visitors.

Release Page | Download

Magic Keywords
The Magic Keywords plugin generates keywords for your individual blog posts and pages. Unlike most other keyword generators, the plugin also looks for two-and three-word patterns, and also groups certain words together into one by crudely checking to see if they might have the same root (e.g. Spam, spammers, spams). Works almost like magic!

Release Page | Download




  1. says:

    wow this is cool thanks for the updates

  2. Tadd (1 comments.) says:

    Wow! I love ‘Magic Keywords’ … works like a champ. I hate trying to figure out good keywords. This definitely helps that. Now if I can get that to translate to Tags I’ll be good to go! hehe

  3. Jenny (28 comments.) says:

    i have the seo image plugin and it’s awesome.

  4. Darren (16 comments.) says:

    Thanks for the mention (Organize Series 2.0). I just wanted to make a note that this is just the Beta-1 release of the plugin – I plan on a full release timed for when WordPress 2.5 is released (hopefully!)

  5. Keith Bowes (8 comments.) says:

    Hmm. Plugins like Devowelizer make me wonder. Why do people do things like that? Is fsck (or f@ck, f#ck or whatever) really that much better than the f-word? I just think it’s crazy. If you wander onto a website with that kind of language, you’re either an adult or have bad parents.

    I recently released a new plugin myself. Of course, it’s unworthy of being in a listing like this.

  6. Richard D. LeCour (4 comments.) says:

    @Keith: No, and that’s the point of the Devowelizer plugin. Keep the language mostly as-is in a heated debate (or tirade as more often the case!) and make the page/article less likely to be triggered by a bad language filter. Once I created the plugin, my wife could once again read my blog a week or two later while at work. (Disclaimer: I’m obviously the plugin author)

  7. Wayne (1 comments.) says:

    Why yes, fsckin IS better! LOL!

    (check my blog URL)

  8. Justin (Pusha) (6 comments.) says:

    The SEO images plugin sounds interesting. Anyone have any luck with it?

  9. Roberto S says:

    Magic Keywords looks great will try them out today

  10. Shantanu Goel (10 comments.) says:

    I have been working on similar lines as the stats helper plugin (caching the stats data etc) but this guy beat me to…lets see how it works..though it would have been better if we could see it in action, as he doesnt have the widgets used on his own site…

  11. Graviola (1 comments.) says:

    I am a 100% fanatic of Organize Series Plugin 2.0, it is simply, easy to use and help me a lot in my Word Press sites. Thanks for sharing.

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