WordPress Plugin Releases for 05/23

May 23rd, 2007
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TruBar 3.0 (Lessen) is a plugin that asks anonymous users to click on a link before posting a comment or registerering on a weblog.

Downloads Suite lets you manage downloads on your wordpress site. Files can be uploaded and organized into groups, linked to specific pages. Their access can be restricted to registered users with a specific user level. Manages both uploaded files and external resources (link via URL).

Alternate Comments Form allows you to add an extra contact form to your websites.

EasyBan will allow you to ban people from your site temporarily or permanently.

Rank allows you to create a “ranking” system for your regular blog commenters.

7 Social Services Plus is really simple plugin that will add bookmark links of and




  1. Truden (17 comments.) says:

    Thanks for announcing TruBar 3.0(Lessen).
    Few words to explain what it is:

    It is anti-spam plugin, which verifies humans on comment posting and registration.
    Robots can not see the link to follow, because there is nothing to follow. (It is js function, which gives cookies.)
    The link does nothing visible, except giving cookies, allowing the visitor to post or register.

    Best Akismet Helper.
    Stops SPAM on POST.

  2. Truden (17 comments.) says:

    For bloggers that are happy with their comment spam, but not happy with the “registration” spam, I’ve released “half” version of TruBar 3.0(Lessen), which protects only against user registration spam.
    Works 100%

    I hope this comment won’t be considered SPAM or flaming ;)

  3. ChaLicious (1 comments.) says:

    the Trubar 3.0 is quite interesting, think gonna try it…

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