WordPress Plugin Releases for 2/28

February 28th, 2007
WordPress, WordPress Plugins

Top Level Categories allows you to remove the prefix before the URL to your category pages.

Cardioblog it is a simple plugin for wordpress who shows in a graph of bars the whole of post writings in the month in course.

import_wordpress allows you to import posts and linked files from a WordPress site to another WordPress site.

babel allows you to write your blog in multilanguage, and switch between these with a simple click on a flag.

HeadSpace2 allows you to add meta-data to your posts, pages, search results, archives, and categories. Meta data is added via a GUI, or can be automatically extracted from post content. Also allows modification to page titles, blog name, and per-post themes.

Cimy User Extra Fields lets administrators add extra user fields for additional user details.

MTW Word Count Counts words in a post, making it possible to display that word count on a page (along with date, author, category, etc.).




  1. prakash (2 comments.) says:

    i have been long looking for such a plugin that allows to import wordpress entries to another wordpress site. But the instructions are in a language that i am unable to comprehend.

  2. prakash (2 comments.) says:

    at least if you or some one could tell the langugae in which its written, may be i’ll try with google translator. thanks in anvance.

  3. Jonathan (81 comments.) says:

    I really like the sound of that Top Level Categories plugin. Too bad they didn’t have it a couple years ago! :o)

  4. gillian says:

    The import plugin is in French. I’m not sure I understand it well enough to provide a translation.

  5. gillian says:

    My plugin “import wordpress” allows the importing of articles and files linked to a wordpress site from one site to another.
    It is useful for those nomads who have one site on their portable and another on the web and who write their posts far from an internet connection.
    In a few words, you just have to put the files in the plugin folder, configure it by going it to “option->import_wordpress” in the wordpress adminstration page; use it by going to Manage/import_wordpress”

    1 You need two operational wordpress blogs, or your wordpress and one at another site.

    2 Upload “import_wordpress.php” and the folder “import_wordpress” to the
    plugins folder, usually `wp-content/plugins/`

    3 Activate the plugin from the wp-admin page, section “plugins”

    4 Still in the wp-admin page, go to the “options” section and choose “import_wordpress”. Fill in the fields appropriately.
    Be careful that the folders “images” and “others” that you have indicated really do exist.

    5 Go to Manage in the administration page and choose “import_wordpress”

    6 Click on “import posts”

    This is a translation of the ‘Readme” file. However, I can’t understand the data that needs to be put in to configure the plugin.

  6. Matt Keegan (5 comments.) says:

    Thanks for developing a word count plug-in. I’ve been wanting to see such a device included with a WP revision, but you’ve done just that.

  7. Ajay (209 comments.) says:

    Hi Matt, we aren’t the developers of the Word Count Plugin… this post is just pointing you to where you can get it :)

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