Weekly WP WishList for 2/21

February 21st, 2007
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This week I received a request for a plugin that would allow upload of files from a WordPress blog without requiring a user login. Ideally the plugin would send an email to the administrator of the blog when a file is uploaded, would allow the user to add some meta to the file being uploaded and the file upload location would be configurable. Some of the functionality already exists in the Secure Files Plugin

There has also been a request for a plugin that enables EXIF functionality in WordPress, gathers the information from uploaded files, stuffs the EXIF information in meta for the post and then displays them as custom fields or when you hover over the image. Some of this functionality already exists in photo plugins and modifications but a simple and seamless plugin would be nice.

If you would like your need or idea for WordPress functionality to be pitched here, please Leave us a Message




  1. craig (2 comments.) says:

    I’d love to see a plugin that makes announcements show up as a pop up or something graphical that would separate it from normal posts.

  2. Podcast Mike (1 comments.) says:

    I would like to see a plugin that can make a copy of a post or better yet, when I create a post, have a default template automatically come in. For podcast show notes, I like to keep the same look for each post and copy/pasting is just a pain sometimes.

  3. Lorelle (12 comments.) says:

    Check out Easy Announcement WordPress Plugin. It allows you to add a simple announcement to the front page of your blog. The announcement is never part of the posts, Pages, or categories. It doesn’t “popup”, which is considered bad manners, but it does stand out depending upon how you style it. And when it is gone, it’s gone, not part of the posts.

  4. dario (2 comments.) says:

    I think it might be very useful a plugin that scans a directory of the blog and check if any file within that specific directory have been used in a post, thus allowing to delete unused files.
    Sometimes I upload an image, and the do not write a post with that image…

  5. awflasher (4 comments.) says:

    A muti-post manager is really what i hungered for.
    especially including the support for “UTW-tag” editing.
    I was using some other blog-platform(MS-IIS-ASP), when I convert my all data into wp, i found that the “postslug” and “tag” are really very very great ideas, but I have to edit each entry one time and 700 posts for me is really too crazy-_-#

  6. Craig (2 comments.) says:

    I’d like to see a plugin that blocks specific countries (like GeoIP). I am getting tired of Nigerian scammers getting my info though my blog which is not anonymous b/c I use it as part of my business.

  7. Jan says:

    I would like to see a plugin that stops the case sensitive username login.

  8. Lucy (1 comments.) says:

    I would like a plugin that allows me to add thumbnail or larger images to the optional excerpt box so that they will appear on the home page. Something like the insert-edit image icon on the main post page.

  9. Vincent (3 comments.) says:

    @Podcast mike: your wish is now a reality! Check out my web site in the code category :


  10. Vincent (3 comments.) says:

    Sorry, the correct URL is:

  11. Mike (1 comments.) says:

    I really need an exif display plugin. Not one that has all the fancy stuff, just one that will display the following: Camera Model, Aperture, Shutter, Focal Length, Lens, ISO, Date.
    Preferably by a simple tag I would put in my post underneath the picture. If it works and looks good I would be willing to pay. It must support the Canon EOS400D.

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